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A Bike Tow Rope – Make Riding Easier for Kids

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Families that ride bikes together have to deal with a range of different abilities and likes.  As the saying goes you can generally only perform to the level of your weakest player.  Maybe you choose not to ride in certain places because you know it will be too hard for little legs to cope with.  Things that normally put you off will probably include hills and distance but weather conditions that were unexpected can cause an upset as well.  Could a bike tow rope make riding easier for kids?

We think the answer is YES.

Tow-Whee In Use

Great for multi day trips & touring

Tow Rope in Mountain Bike setting. goRide

Great for climbing hills when mountain biking

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Extremely lightweight & portable Tow Whee Tow Rope


Tow ropes are a perfect match to helping kids climb hills.  Hills can be a big barrier to going on a bike ride at all, especially if there is a big one right at the beginning of the ride.  Kids simply do not have the power or stamina to go very far when the gradient is steep.  Kids bikes have smaller wheels and also do not have the gear range that adult bikes have.  Both these things make keeping up during a climb hard work if not impossible.

Using a tow rope to assist on hills can also be really helpful over multi day riding when the youngest member of the family can start to feel more tired or struggle to keep up with older siblings.   This can be more of a problem if the younger rider is a girl trying to match the strength of her pre-teen or teenage brother/s. A rope can be taken as a “just in case” if tiredness or time become an issue.


Deciding to take kids for a long ride can involve some degree of risk.  Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate that feeling of risk by taking a tow rope that could be easily attached if needed.  It can be hard to tell how capable your kids are of tackling a bigger distance than they usually ride.  A negative experience can be a real block to getting them out on their bikes again.

The accumulative effect of distance involved in multi day riding is another one hard to judge.  Keeping them well fed and watered with plenty of resting is key. Again, as with hill climbing, if they are attempting to keep up with older siblings a tow rope can be a real asset to your whole family enjoying their riding.


We all like to think that when we make plans the weather will play along and be perfect.  Unfortunately it does not always do this.  Wind in particular can be hard to predict.  Certain areas are known for certain types of prevailing wind patterns so riding can be managed.  Battling into a head wind is never any fun.  Riding through pouring rain isn’t much better.  Having a tow rope to pull a child along at a faster pace so that everyone is not exposed for longer than necessary is a great back up to take along.  Most families don’t choose to get themselves into these weather situations but if you have planned for a family biking holiday and dates are not flexible you may just find yourself in one.

Multi day riding has the opportunity to throw all sorts of weather at you depending on it’s length.  A tow rope is a simple solution that will give you more confidence in your safety out on a trail.

Quick Loop Connected

Designed for safe use with bikes

Safe Use of a Tow Rope

A bike specific tow rope will have several features that make it safer to use than other choices.  People use rope, old tubes, strapping… to try and assist their kids while riding.  So what makes a bike tow rope any better?

  • the durability and strength of its attachment points that will be specifically designed to take weight
  • it’s rebound or stretching ability will be amazing compared to anything else.  It will be designed to always have tension when two bikes are following one another.  This means no drooping and getting caught in wheels
  • the pull will be soft and the feeling smooth rather than a sudden or jerky ride
  • designed to be easily and quickly attached and detached a bike specific tow won’t waste any of your precious ride time
get Safe and goRide –  A Bike Tow Rope – Make Riding Easier for Kids 

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