Bike Bells for Women

A selection of bike bells to suit all types of riding. Be heard and be safe.

Supporting you and your family so so you can SMILE when you ride.

 Traditional Bicycle Bell – Large

Basil Wanderlust Bicycle Bell $32.00

A traditional ringing bicycle bell with a large 80mm diameter. Ideal for adult handlebars & urban riders… LEARN MORE

Minimal Bicycle Bell

Knog Oi Bicycle Bell  $35.00

The no fuss, doesn’t get in your way bike bell from Knog. A bell with remarkable style and a beautiful ring… LEARN MORE

Traditional Handpainted Bike Bell

 goRide Hand Painted Bell $27.50

A selection of beautiful hand painted traditional ringing bike bells.  Designed and painted in Nelson, New Zealand… LEARN MORE

What is the bike bell solution for you?  Your success is different to others… use our stories and support, get the right solution

Support and inspire other riders and families to ride

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goRide supporting women and families to SMILE when you ride