Bike & Chain Cleaning

A clean bike perfroms better and lasts longer. A selection of cleaning products and tools to make cleaning your bike easy. 

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Chain ( & Bike) Cleaner

Green friendly – Clean Chain (bike cleaner concentrate)  $20.00

If you have only one bike cleaning product make it this chain cleaner & bike cleaning concentrate ( just add water)A solution for cleaning the whole bike…. LEARN MORE

Everyday Chain Lube

Green Oil General Chain Lube $20.00

We all need a versatile, easy to apply chain lube …. LEARN MORE

Dry Conditions Bike Lube – Wax

Green Oil White Super Dry $20.00

A chain wax suited to dry summer trail conditions and riders who commute…. LEARN MORE

 Ready to Use – Spray Bike Cleaner

 Green – Clean Spray by Green Oil  $20.00

Need a product that’s ready to clean your bike when you are. Get cleaning solution into those hard to reach areas. Refill with chain cleaner plus 900ml of water …. LEARN MORE

Bike Cleaning Brush

Durable Bicycle Brush – Green Oil $30.00

Make cleaning easy by using a durable, versatile long bristled bike brush making it easy to get to hard to reach parts  …. LEARN MORE

Chain Scrub Tool

 The best specific chain cleaning tool- Park Tool $49.00

An easy chain cleaning solution that will give your bike chain a thorough clean every time. … LEARN MORE

When the brushes wear out  $21.00

A tool that will last the distance. When the brushes wear out because of your regular cleaning (fantastic) – you can replace them. … LEARN MORE

goRide Bike Cleaning Kits

Everyday Bike & Chain Clean

All ecofriendly products $68.00

All you need for a thorough bike & chain clean in one handy, ready to go bag, saving YOU time and energy. LEARN MORE.

Deluxe Bike & Chain Clean

All ecofriendly products $104.00

The deluxe bike & chain cleaning kit is perfect for regular cleaning getting your bike ready to ride in all riding conditons. LEARN MORE

Be Ready to Clean

All ecofriendly products $49.00

A Kit that is ready to clean your bike when you are. Just grab and you are ready to go…. LEARN MORE

 Chain Clean & Lube

All ecofriendly products $84.00

Make cleaning your chain easy. Everything you need for a thorough chain clean..LEARN MORE

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