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Kids  & Youth Bikers -help them get Safe, get Ready, get Better, get Inspired

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Shotgun on trail.  The best kids bike seats for Mountain Biking. goRide
Kids Bike Seats
go Explore by bike with your child 

Selected Kids Bike seat solutions for 1 – 7 year olds. Find the solution the suits your family and your type of bike.LEARN MORE

Purple Blossom. Giro Scamp kids bike helmet. goRide
Kids & Youth Bike Helmets
give them the protection they need 

Selected Bike Helmets to suit a variety of ages ranges and different types of riding and activity …LEARN MORE

kids on balance bikes
Kids Balance Bike
give them the protection they need 

Selected Bike Helmets to suit a variety of age ranges and different types of riding and activity …LEARN MORE

WeeHoo provides another great trailer option.
Kids Bike Trailers 
go Explore by bike with the kids attached 

Selected Kid bike trailers solutions for riding with your kids attached…LEARN MORE

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Kids Bike Pants. goUnders. goRide
Kids & Youth Padded Bike Underwear
Help them feel comfortable on the bike 

New Zealand made bu goRide – Fun kids goUnders so they get to choose what they wear on the bike …LEARN MORE

headband and neckband kids
Head and Neckbands for Kids & Youth
keep them warm where they need it most 

Look and feel comfortable on the bike with gorgeous merino lined head and neck warmers designed for biking.  LEARN MORE

seat bag with tools on the bike goRide
Bike Tool Kits for Kids & Youth
be prepared with the right bike tools 

Help them be independent and responsible …a tool kit with easy to use tools to help them repair a punctured tyre. All tools also sold separately…. LEARN MORE

Kids bike gloves goRide
Kids & Youth  Bike Gloves
be comfortable and protected on the bike 

Bike gloves for kids to protect their hands and to make them feel like a real bike rider.LEARN MORE

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Basic bike cleaning kit
Bike Cleaning Kit for Kids & Youth
COMING SOON. be prepared with ready to use cleaning products

Teach them to look after there bike with Environmentally friendly cleaning kits for kids. All cleaning products sold separately. LEARN MORE

Bicycle Bells are great for track safety.
Bike Bells for Kids & Youth 
be heard with a beautiful bell 

A selection of beautiful bike bells to suit kids of all ages. Help them be Heard and love their bike and bike riding. LEARN MORE

Knogg Blinder visbility bike light set 600w goRide
Bike Lights for Kids & Youth
the right lights to keep them safe 

Bike lights for kids of all ages to help them be visible. Improve the independence and safety of youth … LEARN MORE

Coiled combination bike lock fixed to large lamp post. goRide
Bike Locks
Help them keep their bike and gear SAFE & SECURE

Bike locks for kids and youth. Get a lock to suit their needs – the level of security, small, lightweight, combination…. LEARN MORE

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