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 Kids Bike Tools & Kit  – get Ready, take Tools

Help kids to be independent and responsible – make sure they carry what they need to repair a flat tyre.
Youth Tool Kit
Kids & Youth Bike Tool Kit
  Take to school or to a training  $87.00

Help them be independent and responsible …all they need to repair a flat tyre & tighten…LEARN MORE

Blackburn minipump essential bike tool goRide V1
Mini Pump 
Blackburn Core Mini $69.95

This pump is so easy to use, we would even call it child friendly… LEARN MORE

3 Red Tyre levers goRide
Tyre Lever Set 
Tacx Tyre Levers (3) $6.95

Strong, easy to use tyre lever set, ideal for your on the go bike kit…. LEARN MORE

Bike Tube. How to buy a bike tube. goRide
Inner Tubes
CST Inner Tubes, from 12.5″ up to 29″

Great range of CST inner tube sizes to use when you need to replace your current tube.  Includes puncture protection options…. LEARN MORE

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What is the Bike Tool solution for YOU?  Your success is different to others.. read the Buying Guide, get the right bike tools