When we make the effort and take the time to go for a ride on the bike we want it to be a fun and enjoyable experience. To have a ‘great day’ on the bike there are simple things to think about, plan and do.

Check out the goRide guide How to have a ‘great day’ on the bike.

Make riding to the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary- a ‘great day’ on the bike.

The pump track

The pump track. Hockey Place Playground

Is it doable_-1

The ride is approximately 4.4 km in length one way.  The ride is flat initially then becomes undulating. However the ride is predominantly uphill on the way there and downhill on the way back.  There are accessible places within this ride that you may chose to start or finish at. How much time do you have and how far should you go, what distance are the riders capable of?  Answer these questions then work out your start and end point – is it doable?

A lot of this ride is on the road -though a reasonably quiet road.  Basic biking skills are required and some road and traffic awareness. You can do an optional  detour off the road for a couple of small sections and add in a bit of trail riding along a rolling single track and over a grassy meadow. The biking surface is predominately on the road so is tarseal and the optional trail riding is gravel and grass  is it doable?

Remember the weather on the day will effect your ride. Could the riders cope with a head wind/ rain etc is it doable? 

Feeling comfortable

It doesn’t matter what ride you are doing or where you are going you want to feel comfortable. Check out the goRide guide How to have a “great day” on the bike for general information on how to make sure you are comfortable on the bike.  If you expect the kids to ride distances or on multiple days consider their comfort on the seat – Padded Bike Underwear – offers protection & padded comfort.

The distance of the ride means you will need to carry water. There are no commercial places to purchase food on the way so you will need to carry your own. You start and finish close to Nelson city so there is plenty of food options then.

Being safe

It doesn’t matter what ride you are doing or where you are going you want to feel safe. Check out the goRide guide How to have a “great day” on the bike for general information on how to make sure you are safe on the bike.

Having fun

If you have worked through the points above then you will be more likely to enjoy and have fun on your ride.
There is so much fun to be had on a bike – the pace you go, being close and connected with nature, your ease to detour from the trail…. I wonder what is around this corner, and your ability to stop and get off your bike means you get to discover all sorts of things along the way. Sometimes you will know about and plan to enjoy things and then there are those wonderful surprise discoveries.

Some things you could plan discover on your bike ride to the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary

  • Do a track walk at The Waimarama Sanctuary and learn about nature at the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary information centre . See the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary website for further information.
    • What’s there – Waimarama Sanctuary – Bike rack, information centre, toilets, walking tracks, picnic table and bird life, nature learning and discovery.
  • Stop at Hockey Place playground.  (Note: The playground is not visible from the road and is 3.5km one way from the start)
    • What’s there – Hockey Place playground – small pump track, modern playground equipment, small flying fox, great big picnic tables sun protected by a shade sail.
The flying fox

The flying fox

Playground fun

Playground fun. Hockey Place playground







  • A couple of short sections of single track riding
    The lunch spot

    Picnic tables under shade sail. Hockey Place playground.

    • 1 – starts on the left (on your way to the sanctuary) just before the bridge where the road becomes 2 way again. Head down the gravel trail across a grassy meadow to the right of riding for disabled and the Waimarama Community gardens. (see map)
    • 2- starts at Hockey street playground just past the flying fox. Follow the gravel path onto a grassy slope and connect up with a side street back to Brook St. ( see map)
  • Make a day of it and take a picnic lunch or dinner to enjoy at the Sanctuary or Hockey Place playground.

Does it fit_

  • Does the ride ‘fit’ with what you want to achieve? Up to 8.8km (4.4 km each way) of cycling on a quiet road (predominantly uphill on your way there and downhill on the way back) t0 a nature sanctuary. (Note the road gets quieter the closer you get to the sanctuary) A diverse day involving biking, walking in the sanctuary, nature learning and discovery as well as possible picnic and playground fun. There are other accessible start and stop points if you want to reduce this distance.  Also you get all those good things you get from a bike ride, sunshine, fresh air, feeling healthier, feelings of achievement – you did it? You never know what else you might discover.

    If you don’t have your own bike or are a visitor to Nelson – you can still enjoy this ride. You can hire a bike from  Trail Journeys at MD Outdoors just near the information centre. Note: Trail Journeys are in multiple locations throughout the Nelson region so although they don’t have specific accessories to support family riding (like bike seats for kids) in Nelson if you plan ahead and let them know you need that equipment and they will get it there for you.

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    Did you ride to the The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary? Did you have a ‘great day’ on the bike?

    What went well, what could you work on for next time?  It’s all about taking steps and small gains… oh the places you’ll go, the things you will see.

    Look out for the series A ‘great day’ on the bike”  for some ideas of where you might choose to ride your bike, things to discover along the way, and riding snack options.  We would love to here about your ‘great days’ on the bike.

    Thanks for reading. Used together our stories and resources support you to achieve and develop as a rider. 

    goRide is a shared journey, so we would like you to assist in guiding it along the way.  Contact goRide.  Your thoughts, comments or feedback are welcome. Thank you for being a part of the goRide way.