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Follow the leader-Riding with kids

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IMG_4807Last holidays we set off to Waimarama Sanctuary for a day of biking, bush walking, a picnic and playground fun.  What did we want? A fun day out that everyone could enjoy, something exciting for the kids but manageable for us.  What did we discover?  To be safe on the road while riding with our group of kids, all of them are under 10, we needed to constantly communicate with them.  Our problem on this particular day – everyone wanted to ride at the front.

We had a lot of jostling about who was going to be the leader so after a STOP! and talk about sharing and turns there was less of a race to the end, and more of a family ride.  The majority of this ride is on the road so we needed to set rules and responsibilities early on to keep everyone safe and us sane.  We had one adult in the middle of our group and one at the back, with four kids in between.  Our job, keep talking.  Telling them whose turn next, when that might be, how long to go,e.g. when we get to the next signpost it will be Hollie’s turn to lead.

The kids ate, biked, walked and played, before we knew it we were heading back home.   And it began all over again… getting to the front, cutting people off, when is it is my turn? (in a very whinny voice).  Once again we had to stop, have a discussion about being safe and set the order of turns as the leader.  Our group all wanted to lead, some a lot more than others, but it was really important to communicate what we wanted from them and how they should be riding safely as a group on the road – single file and always listening.

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If you live in Nelson or are visiting any time soon we recommend the Waimarama Sanctuary ride so check out the fact sheet which includes a map

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