There are parts of your bike that are essential to do a pre-check on before you goRide – to make sure that your bike is safe and you are going to be safe to ride it. Those bike parts can be checked by completing a simple 30 second check before every ride.

Now the goRide families are preparing for an adventurous ride.  We are going to ride a part of the Great Taste Trail over 4 days and 3 nights!  Yes biking and camping two great outdoor activities mixed together and commonly known as bike touring.

PreparationTo follow is the story of how we “got better at checking” by learning and understanding how to do a pre-ride bike check. See the goRide essential pre-ride bike safety check- is it safe? for more details. Also remembering to do our check by asking ourselves before we get on our bikes ‘is my bike safe to goRide?’

On this adventure Sam, a 10 years old boy is going to be responsible for the pre-ride check (Sam’s story). He understands what is involved in a pre-ride bike check and how to do it. His responsibility includes checking his own bike, helping others to check their bikes, supporting them to be able to do their pre-ride check independently by the end of the trip.

Sam does the squeeze test to check air in the tyre before he goRides

Checking the air in the tyres -Sam uses the squeeze test.

Checking the front brake - Sam spins the front wheel and applys the front brake

Checking the front brake – Sam spins the front wheel and applys the front brake

Checking the safety of your Helmet- Sam checks for helmet movement

Checking the safety of your Helmet- Sam does the wriggle test and checks for helmet movement

I hope this helps you to get Better at checking by making the goRide essential pre-ride bike safety check part of your riding routine.

Please note that this pre-ride bike check does not replace a more comprehensive bike assessment and bike maintenance that should be completed on your bike less regularly. It is a good idea to do a comprehensive check before you go on longer duration bike rides like our bike tour. It reduces the risk for any mechanical surprises.

My bike is safe to goRide. Let’s goRide more places more often. Let’s goRide The Great Taste Trail.


Thanks for reading. Used together our stories and resources support you to achieve and develop as a rider. 

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