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How to Attach a Bike Saddle

August 22, 2017
  Comfort on your bike is very closely associated with your bike saddle (seat).  The correct support & cushioning, along with shape makes a huge difference to your riding experience.  So if your current saddle is causing you “problems” – chaffing, numbness or pain or

Hydration- Carrying water when you bike – what are your options?

July 13, 2017
Do I need to take water with me when I go for a ride ? We need water everyday to survive and to allow us to function well. Keeping hydrated is one of the simplest ways to support well being yet most of us agree that we probably do not drink enough water daily. So.. the answer is YES you need to

Carrying gear when I bike – what are my options? What size Backpack?

June 29, 2017
Doesn’t matter where you are going, or how long you are riding for you will generally need to carry something with you on the bike. 1.If you are commuting;  it could be the gear you need for your workday, a bike lock, maybe a tool kit, lunch and some shopping purchases. 2. If you are

Simple Things to do to Keep Warm on a Bike

June 20, 2017
I live on a hill.  Which is great for the view but not so great for riding in the colder months.  Why is that?  Well it’s straight out the driveway and down a pretty steep hill…no warming up and immediate cold air flow.  Here’s a little list of things you can do to keep warm

Why are Womens Bike Gloves Important?

June 20, 2017
We talk quite a bit about points of contact with the bike…There are 3 of them and the relationship between you & the bike at these points determines part of your comfort on the bike.   Your hands are protected by womens bike gloves and contact your handlebar grips.  Your butt is

Carrying gear when I bike – what are my options? Comfort riding with a Backpack.

June 8, 2017
Doesn’t matter where you are going, or how long you are riding for you will generally need to carry something with you on the bike. 1.If you are commuting;  it could be the gear you need for your workday, a bike lock, maybe a tool kit and your shopping purchases. 2. If you are recreational

Video – Correct riding position for biking – Chi Riding

May 25, 2017
goRide has introduced a concept into the biking community called Chi Riding. We want you as a rider to get the most out of your biking and we believe the way to do this is Chi Riding. What is Chi Riding? Have you heard of Chi Running? It is a running technique that emanates from the principles of

Hamner Forest Park – biking with kids

April 28, 2017
When we make the effort and take the time to go for a ride at a fun destination, like Hamner Forest Park with kids, we want it to be an enjoyable experience. To have a ‘great day’ on the bike with kids there are simple things to think about, plan and do. In this story I am going to

First Aid & Emergency Kit for Bike Touring

April 12, 2017
Are you thinking about going on a multi day bike adventure? You need a first aid & emergency kit for bike touring but you’re not quite sure what to put in it?  Well keep reading… With the development of so many off road trails it has become quite easy to be “remote”

The Old Ghost Road – Choose the Challenge

March 23, 2017
In terms of jaw dropping, awe inspiring multi-use trails in New Zealand.  This track is one of, if not, THE best.  Run by the Mokihiuni Lyell Backcountry Trust since 2008, it offers you 85km of singletrack riding.  Visit the website at www.oldghostroad.org.nz to book huts (essential) and see

How to Buy a Bike Tube

March 16, 2017
So you need to buy a bike tube?  But you don’t know what to buy…This simple story explains bike tube sizes.  It shows you where to find the information you need on your tyre.  Then it gives you a quick explanation of valves and pressure so you can use your bike tube properly. Women

How to Fix a Flat Tyre

February 23, 2017
Bike terms are a bit of a killer and when it comes to how to fix a flat tyre we have a really good example of confusing language being used.  Because, in most cases, it’s not actually a flat tyre but a flat tube you are dealing with – it’s the tube inside the tyre that holds

How to Get a Wheel Off & Back onto a Bike

February 9, 2017
How to get a wheel off a bike can be confusing and once you get it off, why won’t it go back on?  It simply won’t ‘fit’ – what’s happened here?!  I’m going to be honest, in the past I’ve sat looking at what is my very simple bike wheel in utter

Women’s Riding Clothing – Fabric Choice

November 10, 2016
Yet again, as we are discovering with so many riding related things, there is so much choice… women’s riding clothing, specifically designed for moderate to high intensity exercise, can come in all sorts of options which is great if you know what you’re looking for. Come with me

Alps to Ocean: The Vercoe Family’s Inspiring Story

October 27, 2016
We Did It!  The Alps to Ocean Cycle Trail over 4 days & 3 nights – October (Springtime) 2016! Rhea, 11yrs & Isaac, 8yrs rode sections on the first 2 days with me.  We choose the alternative start point in Tekapo.  See our story Alps to Ocean:  Planning & Preparation for all

Alps to Ocean: Preparation & Planning

October 13, 2016
The Vercoe Family planned and prepared for an adventurous ride, bike touring the Alps to Ocean over 4 days and 3 nights in October 2016!  This was mainly a ride for me, Annette, with my two children Rhea, aged 11 and Isaac, aged 8 joining me for child friendly sections of the ride.  We

Riding a bike up a hill

September 15, 2016
Can you bike up a rise or a hill? Would you like to be able to bike up a bigger and longer hill than you are currently able to ride? Would you like biking up a hill to feel easier? Is there a ride that you have been keen to do but there is some up hill in it that you are unsure about? Do any these

The right bike gear at the right time.

September 1, 2016
When you are learning to use your gears you have to consider so many things all at the same time. You are approaching a hill and you know you need to make it easier to pedal otherwise you will not make it up the hill. But which lever and when do you change? Does this sound or feel familiar?

Westcoast Wilderness Trail- John Family Inspiring Bike Touring Story

August 25, 2016
They did it! – riding the West Coast Wilderness Trail. A family of 4 bike touring with kids ages 8 and 10 years over 5 days and 4 nights! Reading stories about cycling adventures helps to connect you to other women who ride and makes you think about what you and/or your family could achieve.

Westcoast Wilderness Trail – John Family planning and preparation.

August 25, 2016
The John Family are a family of 2 adults and 2 kids (8 year old girl and 10 year old boy).  They planned and prepared for an adventurous ride, bike touring the West Coast Wilderness Trail over 5 days and 4 nights in April 2016! To follow is the story of how they “got ready” for their

How to use your bike shifters – to change gears

August 18, 2016
What joy do you get from biking up or down a hill? Maybe it allows you simply to get to where you want to go, or it gives you a sense of achievement.  A different perspective on the place, that magical view from ‘on top of the world’ or the wind in your hair. Gears can make pedaling

Yazmina – Riding in Savaii

August 4, 2016
New Zealand kids love to ride bikes. It’s almost a part of their DNA. We can all remember learning to ride and the fun that came with that journey. In this story you will meet a young lady who learnt to ride quite a while ago. She is learning new things about riding now and discovering the
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