Handlebar Grips for Men and Women

Handlebar Grips for Men and Women –  get Ready, be Comfortable

The right grips give you comfort, control & protection so you can SMILE when you ride
Solution for middle column
Endurance grip & endurance glove combo.Berry.goRide
Endurance Grip 
Ergon GA3  $57.00 

The perfect endurance grip for regular riding both on and off road.  Perfect for multi day or tour riding.  Promotes great grip technique & encourages variation of hand placement… LEARN MORE

Endurance Mountain Bike Grip
 Mountain Bike Grip – Endurance
Ergon GE1 $67.00 

Top of the line Ergon grips promote correct hand placement and great grip contact.  Best for those regularly riding distances… LEARN MORE

 Mountain Bike Grip – Recreation
RaceFace Grippler $57.00 

The grip you need if you have small hands so really well matched to female riders.  Great for ride times less than 2 hours… LEARN MORE

upright grip & minimal bell combo
Town to Tour Grip for Upright Riders
Ergon BioCork $87.00 

Unique style and outstanding function.  Get all the benefits of a Ergon grip with biodegradable and recyclable materials…. LEARN MORE

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What are the best handlebar grips for YOU?  Your success is different to others… use our stories & support…get the right grips

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride

What is the right handlebar grip solution for YOU?  Your success is different to others…use our stories and support get the right handlebar grip.