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Handlebar Grips for Women & Men – get Ready, be Comfortable

Having comfort, control & protection with the right grips will make you SMILE when you ride
RaceFace Grippler on bike. goRide
Mountain Bike Grip 
RaceFace Grippler  $57.00

The best mountain bike grip we could find for small hands so this makes the Grippler a great grip for women, best for riding 2hrs or less… LEARN MORE

ErgonGA3.Colour range. goRide
Endurance Grip 
Ergon GA3  $57.00

If you spend a lot of time on your bike and want a grip that is designed to give you the best, well supported hand position – the mini wing alleviates compression – this is the grip for you…  LEARN MORE

Town To Tour Grip for Upright Riders
Ergon BioCork  $87.00

Style & function combined with eco-friendly components.  Bio cork, plant based materials and recyclable aluminium, all in a grip that encourages perfect hand placement… LEARN MORE 

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Mountain Biking Grip – Endurance
Ergon GE1  $67.00

Packed full of special features making this the ideal grip for long periods of riding, including endurance, downhill, racing and trail.  Two sizes give you the perfect feel under your hands… LEARN MORE

funguy fabric grip goRide
Recreation Grip 
Fabric Fun Guy  $34.95

Affordable, easy to attach and unique grip surface.  This grip covers the basics of what all good grips should have, perfect for youth and recreation riders… LEARN MORE

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What are the handlebar grip solutions for YOU?  Your success is different to others… use our stories and support…get the right handlebar grips