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How to’s – choose to know what to do, learn a new skill and YOU will goRide more places, more often with a smile.

Know what to do

Bike chain wet lube goRide
Lube your Bike Chain

 Learn how to and when you should lube your bike chain.

egg-bike-helmet on the trail. goRide
Correctly  Fit a Bike Helmet

 Learn how to fit a bike helmet and get the protection you pay for.

Tyre lever under tyre. Bike tool. goRide
Change a Bike Tyre

 Learn how to change a bike tyre an essential bike maintenance skill.

Squeeze test
Do a pre-ride bike check

 Learn how to do a 30 second bike safety check before you goRide.

get better checking bicycle helmet pre ride safety check goRide
Do a pre-ride rider check

 Learn how to check that YOU are safe to goRide

be well cycling chi riding goRide
Get the right bike

 Learn how to choose the right bike for the type of riding you want to do.

Get the right kids bike Helmet

Learn how to find the bike helmet that is right for your child..

specific bike cleaning brush chain goRide 600w
Clean your bike chain

 Learn how to make that chain sparkle so it will perform better and last longer.

Learning to ride. balance bike. goRideot contact gliding stage balance bike goRide
Keep your child safe on a balance bike

 Learn how to provide a safe environment for your child when riding a balance bike.

cycle bike helmet correct fitting buying goRide
Look after your bike helmet

Learn how to care for your bike helmet so it provides the protection you need.

Balance bike handlebar bag goRide
Get the right balance bike

 Learn how to make the right decision – which balance bike?

A shared cycle pathway
Have a great day on the bike

 Learn how to create a great day on the bike.

Learn a new skill

Drop Bar - Top hand position
Ride in the correct position

Learn how to position your body on the bike to get the most out of your riding

Roller pumping pump track goRide
Pump on a Pump Track

 Learning how to pump teaches you how to use the terrain to get more, flow, speed and control into your riding.

Stopping.  Starting & stopping. goRide
Start and Stop on a Bike

 Get off your seat and learn how to start and stop on your bike.

Women riding bikes
Ride a bike up a hill

 Learn some tips to help you comfortably and efficiently ride a bike up a hill.

adult kids bike cleaning together goRide 800w
How to clean and learn about the Bike

 Learning how you can have fun with the kids cleaning and learning about the bike.

Riding in leggings. Clothing for bike riding. goRide
Use the Right Bike gear

 Learn how to use the right bike gear at the right time.

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