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Clothing for Biking – get Ready, be Comfortable

Bike clothing that is functional and makes you feel good on and off the bike
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Full fingered gloves
 Womens Bike Gloves
Recreation & Endurance gloves $34.00-60.00

Bike gloves that will provide the protection you need for the type of riding you do.  Full finger, fingerless & winter options. Feel comfort and protection in bike gloves for all seasons… LEARN MORE

Holster Hi Rise. Terry Capri. goRide
Womens Padded Bike Pants
Recreation & Endurance 3/4 Padded Pants  $189.00

Great womens specific design & padding in a long length capri pant.  Match to the type of riding you do most often. Be protected & comfortable so you can SMILE when you ride… LEARN MORE

Womens padded bike pants
Womens Padded Underwear
Womens goUnders by goRide $79.00 

A padded full brief underwear, made in NZ, that keeps you comfortable on and off the bike. You get to choose what you wear on the bike – everyday, recreational or working style clothes.  The choice is YOURS… LEARN MORE

Best jacket for cycling in town.goRide
Womens Biking Jackets
Thermal, Visibility, Packable or Waterproof $135 – 335.00

A selection of Womens Jackets to suit your needs. Jackets for visibility, for warmth, to keep you dry while riding in town and also out on the trail.  All with great bike specific features… LEARN MORE

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Headband and Neckband goRide 500w
Women Head and Neck Bands 
goRides goWarm Head and Neck bands  $28.00-38.00

Stylish merino lined head and neck bands to keep you warm where you need it most. Be comfortable so you can SMILE when you ride. LEARN MORE

Kids Bike Pants buying guide
Kids Padded Bike Underwear
Kids goUnders by goRide $59.90

Fun and funky kids padded bike underwear made in New Zealand. Kids get to wear what they like on the bike – a favourite pair of shorts or leggings… LEARN MORE

Youth:Womens Fingerless Recreation Glove.goRide
Kids/Youth Bike Gloves 
Fingerless or Full Finger 4-12yr olds  $29 – $45

A glove that gives them comfort and protection on their balance bike or riding their own bike, making them feel just like you…a real bike rider… LEARN MORE

headband and neckband kids
Kids/Youth Head and Neck Bands
goRides  goWarm Head and Neck bands  $28-38.00

Help them feel stylish and comfortable and goWarm while they ride there bike for longer in the coldhe cold… LEARN MORE

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What are the Bike Clothing solutions for YOU?  Your success is different to others… read the Buying Guides, get the right Bike Clothing