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Will the Yepp Maxi Fit on Your Bike?

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Will the rear mounted bike seat – The Yepp Maxi – be a solution for you and your family?

Rear child bike seats are a very versatile design and are compatible with a wide range of bike types.  However, they can not be attached to full suspension mountain bikes.

The Yepp Maxi has two options for mounting to your bike.

Frame Mount to your bike frame – the part of your frame called the seat post tube.

Carrier Mount via a rear carrier.

Is the FRAME Mounted Seat the right solution for YOU?

The Yepp Maxi Frame Mounted seat requires an attachment clamp to be mounted onto the seat post tube of your bike. Please watch the video.

The frame size of your bike to be 51cm or more. To measure the size of your bike frame place your tape measure between the centre of the crank, up to the top of your seat tube (do not measure any of your seat post).  See photo below for guidance. This frame size ensures that the centre of gravity of the child seat is not more than 10cm behind your rear wheel axle. This will prevent your bike from rearing up/tipping backwards with the weight of your child.

Measuring your bike frame. Yepp Maxi Frame Mount. goRide

Measure your frame size from the top of the seat tube to the middle of your crank

You also need at least 12.5cm of clear space on your seat post tube for the clamp to attach onto and a tube that has a diameter between 28-40mm.  Ideally this space should be near the middle of your tube as the attachment needs to clear your rear wheel by 4cm or more.

12.5cm of clear space. Yepp Maxi Frame Mount. goRide

Your seat post tube needs 12.5cm of clear space ideally near the middle

Yepp reccommends you need a bike with a wheel size 26- 28 inches – this along with a frame size of 51cm or more will give you the required wheel clearance of 4cm from the top of your wheel to the bottom of the child seat.  

Note: 29inch wheels will not allow enough clearance for a frame mount rear bike seat.

Yepp Maxi seatpost 4cm space above wheel

For safe use of the Yepp Maxi frame mount seat you need 4 cm clearance over the rear wheel

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Is the CARRIER Mounted Seat the right solution for YOU?

The Yepp Maxi Nexxt – Carrier Mounted seat requires a carrier to be attached to your bike. The clamp style mount means that this seat will attach to any carrier.


Yepp maxi Next Clamp v2

There are lots of different types of bike carriers.  To attach a Yepp Maxi Nexxt your carrier will need to be able to take a load of greater than 22kg.

Rear bike carrier attachment to rear seat stays & rear dropouts. goRide

Topeak Explorer Rear Bike Carrier – load capacity up to 30kg. Two styles are available

  • carrier for bikes with disc brakes
  • carrier for bikes without disc brakes (rim brakes)
Kids Bike seat attached
Urban bike and Yepp Maxi Nexxt Carrier mount

NOTE: Mounting a Frame Mounted seat over the top of your carrier would also be an option if your bike meets the frame mount requirements.

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get Ready and goRide – Will the Yepp Maxi fit your bike?

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