How to Attach the Yepp Maxi Frame Mount to Your Bike

The Yepp Maxi (Frame Mount) is a rear mount kids bike seat (meaning your child and the bike seat are behind you) it attaches to your seat post tube by a clamp mounting system.

Rear child bike seats are a very versatile design and are compatible with a wide range of bike types.  However, the Yepp Maxi will not fit ALL bikes…PLEASE CHECK if the Yepp Maxi (Frame Mount) is a solution for you and your family. Will a Rear Mount Seat fit your bike?

Child in Yepp Maxi Frame Mount. goRide
Your Yepp Maxi has arrived…

The fun part, unpack the box . Remove the plastic and identify the following contents.

Yepp maxi Seat

The Yepp Maxi Seat

Frame mount pieces IMG_0121

Aluminium profile that attaches underneath the seat

Frame mount attachment pieces

Seat post clamp & profile receiver.

Instruction manual and keys

Allen Key, instruction manual and keys to lock the seat to the bike

Tools/Equipment you will need…

The Allen Key you will need comes with the Yepp Maxi

Prepare the Yepp Maxi seat

1. You will need the Yepp Maxi seat and the aluminium profile – long rectangular piece.

2. Remove the screws from the side of the profile using the Allen Key.

3. Slide the profile into the unit underneath the seat.  To do this you will need to press the red button and simultaneously pull the grey handle.

4.  The best position for the profile depends on the size of your bike.  You may have to adjust this position later to insure the gravity point is in a good spot (see Angle & Position of Seat, below).

5. Secure the profile by using the black bolt & screws, then remount the side screws and tighten them firmly.

Attach the seat post clamp & profile receiver to the seat post tube of your bike.

1. You will need the seat post clamp and profile receiver.  For a step through style bike you can simply remove the seat and place the unit onto the frame.  For all bikes with a top tube you will have to remove the profile receiver.

2.  Place the clamp at a height that will give you 4cm clearance over the rear wheel.  Begin to tighten the 4 clamp screws.

3.  Remount the profile receiver noting there is a choice of screw holes that allow you to manipulate the angle of the receiver (See Angle & Position of Seat, below).

Attach the Yepp Maxi Seat to the Frame mount attachment

1.Press the red button and pull the grey handle at the same time – you will see the green block at the front of the profile retracts when you do this allowing it to slide into the receiver

2. Push the seat into the receiver until it clicks & the green button is showing in the window.

3.  Your Yepp Maxi is now attached to your bike.  For added security you can lock the seat to the bike which we recommend, noting that the seat will not lock if it is not correctly attached.

4.  Finally click the extra foot protectors into place.


The Yepp Maxi is suitable for carrying children up to a maximum weight of 22kg (about 6yrs) and meets European standard EN 14344.  Do not use the seat if your child can’t sit upright or is younger than 9 months.  It is against the law in New Zealand to carry a child on a bike if they are not wearing a helmet.

Angle & Position of the Seat

The angle of the Yepp Maxi is adjustable (profile receiver placement at top of clamp), please place the seat as close to horizontal as possible or on a slight recline.  This prevents your child sliding forward while riding in the seat.  Position the seat as far to the rear as possible to create as much room as you can for your child (profile placement on bottom of seat).  However, do not let the gravity point exceed 10cm beyond the axle (middle) of the rear wheel.  The gravity point is marked on the surface of where your child sits with a small X.  It can also be seen on the right hand outer surface of the seat, again marked with an X.


The initial adjustment of the footrest should be done before your child gets into the seat. With your bike being held in place/supported pop your child into the seat and then adjust the harness to fit YOUR child. 

Foot rest adjustment:  The Yepp Maxi foot rests are easily adjusted by opening the clip at the back of the foot rests and sliding them up or down – dependant on the length of your childs legs.  There are set grooves that they slide into and out of so once you have it set at a good height, simply close the clip to secure it.

Shoulder strap adjustment:     Once your child is in the seat close the shoulder harness and adjust the straps for a firm, secure fit.  Take your time and practice opening and closing this 5 point harness system.  You need to push both halves in and press from the sides at the same time.

First Time Use

Having the weight of a child on your bike can change the handling of the bike – cornering and pushing off to start to ride.  You may need to practice in a safe environment for the first time without your child to see if your steering is affected by the seat.  Then, again in a safe environment, add the weight of your child. You are now riding with a passenger on your bike so you need to ride within your limits and be aware that your bike will handle differently. You may need to brake earlier and corner at a slower speed. A rear mounted child bike seat places weight to the rear of your bike.

Everyday Use

Test that the seat is firmly attached to the adaptor – you should not be able to move the seat in an upward direction without holding in the button and grey handle.

Clip you child into the harness. Make sure they are not too tight.  You want firm but comfortable. Check for loose clothing, shoelaces or straps hanging down or into moving parts of the bike.

Please take 30 seconds before every ride to do a safety check of your bike. Is my bike safe to ride?  and the seat.  For further safety tips please read Am I Safe to ride with kids?

Locking your seat: You have the ability to lock your bike seat to your bike so that it is safe when you are not with it. The key hole is found under the seat and disables the red button, grey handle so that the seat can not slide off the adaptor. 

Find out more, make your Kids Bike Seat solution a success…

…so you and your family can SMILE when you goRide