This simple safety check for town riders helps you to be prepared in a town riding environment.  You can then relax and enjoy, knowing that you’re well prepared.


Follow the goRide essential pre-ride bike safety check here and the goRide helmet check here.

Put your helmet on and give your bike a small test ride.

What are you wearing?  For town riding it is important to be aware of any fabric or loose clothing that could in anyway get caught up in your bike.  Always make sure your shoe laces are tied and if they are long make sure you tuck them.


Clothing – we recommend bright clothing when you are in a traffic environment.

Lights – front light and rear reflector is law in NZ for bikes on the road 30 minutes before sunset until 30 minutes after sunrise.  We also recommend using bike lights whenever you ride for added visibility… Bike Light Buying Guide

Bell – can you be heard as well as seen?  Bike Bell Buying Guide


Tool Kit – the essentials are a spare tube and/or a patch kit, tire levers, hand pump, and allen key.  The most likely occurrence will be a flat tyre.  Do you know how to Fix a Flat Tyre


Personal ID/Money – You will more than likely have ID, money and emergency contact details when riding around town. Always tell someone where you are going and when you should be back.

Registration/Photo – We recommend that you have a photo of your bike and its registration number incase of theft. This gives you peace of mind when dealing with the police or your insurance company.

A bike lock – will you be stopping and leaving your bike at any point?  See Bike Locks for Town Riding and make sure you know the Best Way to Lock a Bike because in urban environments your bike is at risk.


In town you will have ready access to food & water through shops etc or public water fountains.  If your trip to and from town is a long commute it is a good idea to have water with you.


Be aware of the weather forecast and any changes in temperature that may happen.

Consider sunscreen and sunglasses for hot weather

Consider sweatshirt, thermal, rain jacket, gloves, beanie for colder days.  Learn more about fabric choice for riding or what to wear on the bike

Learn more… Am I Safe to…

…so you & your family can SMILE when you ride