Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat. goRide
PLEASE NOTE:  In the following how to attach guide a 2018 Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat has been used.  In 2019 Shotgun updated their seat (see image) to include rubber foot straps for your child’s feet and better width adjustment.

Therefore if you choose to purchase a Shotgun, after reading and watching this guide, the seat you will receive will look slightly different.

Tools/Equipment you will need…

A 6mm allen key.  An adjustable spanner that gives you 8mm & 13mm or individual spanners that are this size.


Bike Parts you need to know…

Top tube, down (bottom) tube & handlebar stem.  See the photo.

Know your bike parts. goRideSeat
How Much Space Do You Need?

The Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat should be positioned between 200 & 300mm back from your handlebar stem.

A quick test  to see whether you have enough space is to place your child on your top tube, without any seat – you may need some help from a friend.  Pop your child in the approximate position then reach around them for your handlebars…how did you go?

Will you have enough space under your chin to reach the handlebars and how long before you run out of this space?  That is how quickly is your child growing?  See our ‘On the Bike’ Buying Guide to make sure you are choosing the right solution to riding with your child.

Adjusting the Shotgun for Your Bike

Undo & remove the quick release then loosen the seat post bolt so the swing arms can be easily slid apart.  You are now ready to….

Position the seat on your bike by placing the seat over the top tube (fits top tubes from 35 – 68mm).  It must be clear of cables, components & drink bottle holders.  It should sit somewhere between 200 & 300mm back from the handlebar stem.

Loosen all 4 swing arm nuts with your 8mm spanner so you can pivot these arms into the right position for your bike frame.  They should be well clear of the front wheel and allow for the bottom bolt (axle) to be positioned below the down tube (fits down tubes from 35 – 100mm).  Once you have the right angle tighten the nuts back up (righty tighty, lefty loosey).

It’s now time to set the top tube width by squeezing the top brackets together by hand until they hug the top tube of your frame.  Use your 6mm Allen key to tighten the bolt

Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat - parts. goRide

Shotgun parts ready to be fitted to a bike

Seatpost bolt. Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat. goRide

This is the seatpost bolt that holds the swing arm brackets in place

Fitting the Shotgun to Your Bike

Fitting the Axle.  Thread both axle nuts into the centre, one from each side.  Pry the swing arms apart and insert the axle, leaving the nuts in the centre for now

Fitting the Foot Pegs.  Screw both foot pegs on by hand evenly, stopping when they just touch the steel of the swing arms.  Now go back to the axle nuts you left in the centre and wind them outwards, until they just touch the inside of the swing arms.  You can go back to the foot pegs at this point to tighten them firmly by hand. (At the beginning of 2019 Shotgun added rubber foot straps to their seat, so your Shotgun will look slightly different to our photos)

NOTE: The position of the central axle nuts is important so that the swing arms do not bend or flex with tightening of the foot pegs…this could damage your frame

Tightening saddle bolts to hold in place

Fitting the Quick Release.  Unscrew and insert the quick release.  It should be under the top tube & above the down tube.  You have a lot of options to choose from, what you choose depends on the shape of your frame.

Fitting the Saddle.  Slide the saddle (seat) onto the seat post and adjust so that the saddle position is level with the ground.  Tighten the bolts with the 13mm spanner




Axel for Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat. goRide

Axel with bolts in centre ready to be fitted

Foot pegs on Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat. goRide

Screw the foot pegs evenly until they just touch the swing arms

Quick release positioning. Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat. goRide

The quick release must be placed between the top tube & the down tube

Pre-Ride Safety Check

Is everything secure – the seat & foot pegs should not be moveable.  If the saddle (seat) is swivelling but the bolts are tight, you will need to remove the saddle and tighten the seat post bolt…see the end of step 2 in the Adjusting section.

You must check your foot peg clearance.  To do this place your child onto the Shotgun seat, making sure their feet are in the correct position i.e on the foot pegs, and fully compress the front suspension.  While the suspension is compressed like this turn the front wheel.  The wheel should not hit your childs feet or the foot pegs….If this does happen you have two options, either change the angle of the swing arms or reposition the whole seat to be further back.

Removing the Shotgun from Your Bike

One of the great advantages of the Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat is how easily it is removed

  • undo and remove the quick release
  • unscrew and remove the foot pegs
  • thread the axle nuts inwards on the axle and remove the whole axle
  • carefully lift the Shotgun seat off your bike

Find out more, make your Kids Bike Seat solution a success…

…so you and your family can SMILE when you goRide