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Bike Bell


Where are you riding

Bike bells are important if you ride in environments where there are other users. Pedestrians, other cyclists and motorists. You need to use a bike bell to be heard to ensure safety for yourself and others on bike paths, shared paths, dual direction mountain bike trails, blind corners, the road and at times so motorists can hear you. See Be heard with Bike Bells

What type of riding do you do

There are bike bells more suited to different types of riding. On a mountain bike you do not want a bell that protrudes as it could get in the way and be easily damaged so consider a sleek minimalist bell – the Knog Oi. The commuter, urban, bike path rider is more suited to traditional type of bells.

The age and skill of the rider

If the rider is young or a beginner consider if they can still control their steering to operate the bell.  Can you position a traditional bell so they don’t become challenged with their steering. You can get bells with remote triggers that can be fitted right where their thumb is – so there steering doesn’t become compromised –  the super fun Mini Hornet with its 25 sounds. See Bike Bells and Bike Lights for Kids

Will it fit your handlebar circumference.

Determine where you have room on your handlebars for a bell and where you can use it safely. Understand the circumference of the handlebars. Some bells come in different sizes like the Knog Oi and others like the Beep Bells are one size fits all


There are varying quality of bells. Cheaper bells do not last very long and often have a poor ‘ring’ to them.

goRide’s BIKE BELL Solutions

Bell Type

Traditional ring. Thumb activated.


Sleek minimal low profile design – good for mountain bikers, commute riding


Small 22.2mm diameter

Med 25.4 up to 31.8mm diameter

Bell Type

Traditional ringing bicycle bell.  Thumb activated trigger.


Steel bell. Beautiful hand painted colours and designs.


Adjustable to different size handlebars – suits child or adult riders

Bell Type

Traditional ringing bicycle bell.  Thumb operated trigger.


Steel bell. Beautiful prints sealed onto large 80mm surface.


Adjustable to different size handlebars – better suited to adult riders

Bell Type

Battery operated bell & light.  Remote trigger can be placed near child’s thumb.


25 different fun sounds.  Includes a 12 lumen light.  Fun, functional addition to bikes/scooters/balance bikes


Flexible rubber adjustable attachment.

Make your purchase a success…

Fitting your bell

Position your bell for safety on the handlebars. See how to fit beep bicycle bell.

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.

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  • Anaru says:

    Hi is there any shops in christchurch that sell the mini hornet kids bell so i can look at them before i buy please

    • Annette says:

      Hi Anaru,
      we are not the distributors of this cool kids bell so we don’t have any idea which bike shops stock it. I would phone a few of the independently owned shops they may be able to help. This is a really popular seller for us and no one has ever been disappointed with it. Regards Annette

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