First Aid and Personal Care Buying Guide
Do you need to take a First Aid Kit?

If you are riding with kids…yes. They are unpredictable and you will need to get them home… covering the wounds can work wonders to change there focus. If you are mountain biking …yes, there is always potential for injury. Assessing the length of your ride, how many riders, there age and how far you are away from help will help determine your need for a First Aid Kit. We suggest any bike trip that takes you more than an hour away from help requires self responsibility so a First Aid Kit.

How many days is your bike ride?

How many days you need a kit for will directly relate to how big it needs to be.  A compact portable bike first aid kit should cover you for everyday biking situations with the kids and/or a simple overnight trip.  If you are going further – 2 days or more and at the end of each day you have access to your car, keep a refill bag in it.  Or if you have access to supermarkets/pharmacies just take a compact portable kit and refill what you use.

If you are touring/racing/bike packing for more than 2-3 days, consider adding a Chamois Cream to your provisions.  Preventing or relieving any kind of skin irritations where your body meets the bike seat will become more and more important over time.

What supplies do you need  in your kit?

A bike specific first aid kit has done the work for you. It will cater for the most common biking injuries and consider what you need to keep you safe. Find out what you should be carrying in… Basic First Aid Kit for Biking Injuries. First Aid & Emergency Kit for Bike Touring

How many riders?

Bike first aid kits are designed to be portable which is great but this compact size means that they only suit 1 to 2 people – see Basic First Aid Kit for Bike Injuries.  If your group is large or mainly consists of kids and the kit you are taking needs to cater for everyone you will need to bulk out the basics.  Take extra dressings, plasters & sterile wipes from your refill supplies.  Alternatively you could take 2 kits – 2 different members should carry the kit.

How remote is your bike ride?

If you’re going remote, you will need to be totally self responsible. Your first aid supply needs will depend on the type of terrain you are riding and the isolation.  Everyone in the group must carry a survival blanket.  see; First Aid & Emergency Kit for Bike Touring

How will you carry your First Aid Kit?

If you have a bike specific first aid kit it will compact, portable and lightweight so can be carried on you (in a backpack) for day rides.  For multi day rides we recommend getting as much as you can off your back and onto your bike – handlebar bag, frame bag, seatpost bag.  Make sure your first aid supplies are quick to get access to and you know who is carrying the kit.

goRide’s First Aid Supplies Solutions for Bikers





goRide’s FIRST AID & PERSONAL CARE Solutions

Protection Type

Bike specific, use after injury


Great for day rides and overnight biking trips. Replace contents along the way or add to the contents for longer rides.


Compact. Contents suited for common biking injuries.

Protection Type

To prevent/treat hypothermia


You will find one in your First Aid Kit. However if you are away from civilisation you need one for every rider.


Compact lightweight. Essential for safety.

Protection Type

Bike specific, first aid refill


Replenish supplies as they are used. Bulk out the basic first aid kit for longer rides and /or for a larger riding group.


Designed for refill kit and bulking out

Protection Type

Prevent, sooth or treat skin irritation


Great as protection, relief or repair on the skin.  Essential to carry on long duration (2-3days+) tours/bike packing.


Compact, lightweight. Great for prevention, easy to use.

Make your purchase a success…

Refill immediately after you use your kits contents

A common issue, we use those plasters while out on the trail… you get home and away goes the kit and it is not until you need it the next time their is an injury on the trail… but you don’t have enough plasters. Not refilling when you use stuff leads to a depleted kit and not having what you need, when you need it.  Buy a refill kit when you buy your first aid kit so that it’s ready

Familiarise yourself with your First Aid Kit contents

It is not just about having a first aid kit and carrying it but also knowing what’s in it and how to use it.  Familiarise yourself with the kit when you purchase it.  Any multi day trips you undertake may require you to help in an emergency – would you know what to do?  If not gain some knowledge about first aid. For help with hypothermia read our story First Aid & Emergency Kit for Bike Touring

Always tell someone

Always tell someone where you are going, how far you are going and for how long. If you are riding alone or alone with your kids this is a must for every ride.

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.