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goRide essential pre ride bike safety check – Is IT Safe?

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This is a 30 sec safety inspection that you should do before every ride.

Wheels & Brakes.  Does the tyre need air? A simple squeeze test will let you know if they need more air. Pump up Your Bike Tyres.

Squeeze test

Squeeze test

Pump up your tyre

Pump up your tyre


Lift the front wheel and spin it. Now squeeze the right hand side brake lever to apply the front brakes. Learn more about braking here.

  1. Do the brakes completely stop the wheel?
  2. Does the lever move a long way before the brakes start to work? Adjusting Your Brake Levers.
  3. Are the brake cables worn, fraying or stretched? (Complete steps 1, 2 & 3 for the back wheel and back brake)


Tighten & Closed. Check the wheels quick release is closed.

Lever is open

Quick release lever is open

Lever is closed

Quick release lever is closed


Is the seat straight and secure? – check quick release is closed or seat post bolt is tight. 3 Simple Bike Seat Adjustments

Straighten seat with open quick release

Straighten seat with open quick release

Close quick release

Close quick release

Seat post bolts require an allen key

Seat post bolts require an allen key

Helmet. Put your helmet on. Check to make sure your helmet is level, low, snug and stable. How are you Wearing Your Helmet?

Bike helmet fit

Is it level, low, snug and stable?


Adjust, pump, and tighten as necessary. This means you should have a pump, a screwdriver, and a allen key in a handy – easy to access – spot.  Bike Tools, goRide Essential Bike Tool Kit
If you can’t do these things, please learn how. A great way to get to know your bike is to clean it regularly see how – here.

If your bike passes the pre-ride safety check, goRide, more places, more often.



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