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Knowledge of the tools

Tools can be quite an alien environment for women.  Could you recognise and name some bike tools?  Do you know which tools to have & why?  Tools should be easy for you to use, if they make a job difficult or are frustrating it is time to get a new tool or learn more about what you are trying to do.

What are the Essential Items in a Bike Tool Kit? or Bike Tool Terms

Knowledge of the tasks

Aim to make life with a bike easier by owning bike tools that you know how to use.  Think about what maintenance and repairs you would like to be able to do and get tools that are well matched to the job.  Take a look at our story to get an idea about some simple bike tasks that, once mastered, make life with a bike easier.

Five Simple Bike Tasks YOU Should Know

Home Use vs Riding Use

Tools that are to be carried need to be lightweight and small whereas tools for home use can be brought primarily for ease of use, e.g a floor pump.  Home use tools allow you to complete a wider range of maintenance – beyond the emergency side of the road repair job.

How will you carry your bike tools?

There are a number of options for carrying tools with you as you ride.  If you know how you want to carry tools you can match your buying to the space that you have available.  We like to see women carrying bike tools on their bike rather than on their body.  Learn more about your bike tool carrying options here.

Adding to your basic riding tool kit

Only carry tools that you know how to use.  Start with the basics (What are the Essential Items in a Bike Tool Kit) and expand from there to match your tools to your riding environment.  Adding more for family riding, long day rides, isolated multi-day riding, touring and events.

See What’s in a Multi-Day Mountain Biking Tool Kit.  Family Tool Kit, Touring Tool Kit coming soon to the goRide SHOP

goRide’s BIKE TOOL Solutions


Features for Easy Use

Tool Kit Match


Pumping up a tyre

Simple screw on attachment, mid size barrel gives fluid, easy pump action

All portable tool kits

Removing a tyre, access to inner tube

Hook & rounded ends, set of 3

All portable tool kits

Repairing a puncture

Pre-glued, peel back and apply. Quickest method.

Portable – Essential & Family Kit

Repairing a puncture

Range of patch sizes and glue (vulcanising) for a strong bond

Home & Tour Kit

Loosening/tightening a variety of hex screws (9pc)

Colour coded to aid in size recognition, ball ends for difficult/angled access

Home & adding to multi-day & touring kits

Loosening/tightening 5 & 6mm hex screw

Lightweight, portable, offers the 2 most common hex screw sizes

Portable – all Essential Kits

Replacing a inner tube

Match to your correct size – kids, standard or puncture prevention

All tool kits as well as spares for home use

Loosing/tightening a bolt

A 1 to 25mm adjustable range will cover the most common bolts found on kids & town bikes

Home, multi-day & family kits

Make your purchase a success…

Learn How to Use Your Tools

Not only should you know when to use them but how to use them efficiently.  Make sure that before you need them that you have practiced how to best handle them.  There is no point having a bike tool that doesn’t assist you in getting the job done quickly.  We have tried were we can to offer YOU solutions that we see as the best options for women, now it’s up to YOU to use them well.

Wear & Tear

Like everything your tools will eventually wear out or not perform as they once did. Make sure you buy the best your budget can deal with, then do your best to look after them by keeping them stored in a dry protected place.  Ideally all your bike tools should be kept together.  When they start making your job harder rather than easier it’s time to invest in a new tool.

What else could I learn?

Don’t be afraid to do a bit more learning about how your bike works and what you can do to keep it running well.  Read through some of our resources, designed to help women learn about bikes…Women Learning Bike…or read through our How To Page.

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.

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