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Bike Chain Lube Buying Guide
Wet or Dry

Lube is either

  1. a waxed based dry lube (a lube that drys on the chain and doesn’t provide a surface for dust and grit to stick to) so best suited for summer and dry , dusty riding conditions.
  2. a oil based wet lube. A lube which is wet on the chain. More of an all-round lube.

Learn and understand the advantages and disadvantages to both here. 

Understand the type of riding you do so you know whether you need wet or dry or both.

Where do you ride

You need to think about the main surface that you ride on. If you ride on a dry, dusty surface… for example a lot of mountain bike tracks are clay based and become very dry in hot conditions or the road or paved cycleways (if it hasn’t been raining) then a dry lube is best. If you are riding in wet, muddy conditions then a wet lube is best.

Do you ride seasonally for the whole year

If you are riding only in the summer consider using a dry lube otherwise a wet lube (oil based) will give you greater protection all year around.  This is because a dry lube tends to wash off more easily in the rain.  The other option is to have both and apply the lube that matches the riding and weather conditions at the time.

goRide’s BIKE CHAIN LUBE Solutions

Type of Lube

Type of Riding




Summer riding , dry dusty conditions, road riding.

Environmentally friendly


All round riding. (not in dry dusty environments)

Environmentally friendly

Chain Lube is also part of goRides Chain and Bike Cleaning Kit. Having a Kit will will save you time and make the job easier helping you to clean and lube more regularly.

Make your purchase a success…

Cleaning you bike chain

Clean your bike chain and then lube your bike chain. Learn how to clean your bike chain

Regular Lubing

You must lube your chain after you clean it so that it doesn’t stiffen up.  See The bike chain – Lubing. 

Only YOU can care for your bike. Lubing is important. It will prolong your chains life because lubing allows your chain to move how it should.  The chain is made up of lots of flexible moving parts joined together.  These parts need to maintain smooth, free motion.  Regular lubrication allows this to happen, saving you both time and money

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.

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