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Cleaning Your Bike Tyre

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Do you have a clean bike? Do you clean it regularly, or at all? If not, you are not alone. However, a clean bike looks good, performs better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain. I know what you are thinking… another thing to clean! The positives – it is outside, soapy water is involved and it could be fun. This is a great thing to do with your kids for all sorts of reasons. The main one being it teaches them to look after their bike.

Basic bike cleaning kit

Basic bike cleaning kit

Cleaning the different parts of the bike allows you to familiarize yourself with your bike. As you clean you can check the different parts of your bike and ensure it is safe and working properly this leads to better performance from your bike. At goRide we believe if you clean your bike you will get to know and enjoy your bike.



If you can, remove your wheels from your bike otherwise the easiest thing to do is flip it upside down. Check out Bike Parts – The Tyre and What does it do? – The Tyre to familiarize yourself with what you are about to clean. Then grab a cleaning kit and lets get down to business.

Apply a general bike cleaner then lather up with your brush

Apply a general bike cleaner then lather up with your brush

You can also grab a cloth and give it a scrub

You can also grab a cloth and give it a scrub


The biggest part of your tyre is the rubber and, depending on the tread, it can carry a lot of dirt. The best thing to clean rubber with is biodegradable dishwashing liquid – yes – and the more bubbles the better! The kids love this, most adults too.

Use a brush to get a good lather up and remove mud just be careful of your valve – don’t bend it. It’s a good idea to have a dust cap on your valve to prevent dirt getting in there and clogging anything up but if you don’t have a cap now is a good time to look into the valve and check for dirt. Once you have lathered up, rinse off with water and repeat if necessary. Once you are happy grab an old towel and dry the wheel. This gives you time to check some things out…

While cleaning check:

  • Check the tread, rubber and fabric casing of the tyre. Look for wearing, cracks, splitting, something stuck in the tyre or grit embedded in the tyre.
  • Check the valve. Look for damage to the valves, are they straight? If you don’t have a dust cap look into the top to see if any dirt is lodged there.
  • Check the size of the tube and what the PSI range is. All this important information is written on the sidewall of your tyre so find it.

Now step back and go “Wow”! How good do your tyres look?

Thanks for reading. Used together our stories, resources & products support you to achieve and develop as a rider.

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