When should I clean my bike?

Set up a cleaning routine depending on;

  • how often you ride. The more you ride the more you should clean e.g. commuters/everyday riders should clean regularly.
  • how the weather is. Wet weather flicks up grime and grit from the road.  Dry, off road trails mean lost of dust stuck to your chain.
  • where you tend to ride. Mountain biking tends to cover the bike in dirt so it will need sprayed down more often than a bike that travels on the road.


What should I use to clean my bike?

A goRide basic bike cleaning kit would have;


  • IMG_5704gentle degreasing detergent e.g. Green Clean bike cleaner or a biodegradable dishwashing liquid
  • several soft cloths (wet & dry), chain cleaning & lubing also requires cloths
  • a bicycle cleaning brush, toothbrush and/or old paintbrushes (small to medium size)
  • bucket

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Grab your kit, get out your spray bottle, fill up your water bucket and your ready to go.  If you are using a household detergent give a couple of squirts of detergent into your bucket and fill it up with water




women bike cleaning goRide v3How should I clean my bike?

Flip your bike upside down to clean it. You will be able to see where all the dirt from the ground has flicked up to.

Mud/grit/sand/grease needs to be removed – gently spray your bike with water if the mud is dry otherwise use your bicycle cleaning brush and detergent/water combo to wet and loosen any dirt.  The bike specific spray bottle is really great for getting a cleaner into tricky places where mud can hide.

Bike brush goRideWhats the bicycle brush for? The bristles from the brush help to move out any dirt, gravel, sand etc from places they may have got lodged in. The brush is also very good at creating lather on your frame or tyres.  See this story for more information on How to Use a Bicycle Brush for cleaning

Whats the toothbrush for? Getting bristles into small, tricky places.


Sustainable bamboo bike cleaning clothsIMG_6067What are the cloths for? Rubbing, scrubbing – any hard to move bits of dirt and drying off when you’ve finished.  Also use the edge to get in between things e.g. use the edge to run between the disks in your rear cluster.  Try to keep separate dry and wet cloths.  And chain specific cloths – one for cleaning, one for wiping up excess lube. (How to clean Your Bike Chain, The Bike Chain – Lubing)



Now spray your bike down to remove all detergent. Don’t use a high pressure water hose on any moveable parts of your bike. Its essential water does not get forced into any spaces in your bike that have bearings.  If you don’t like the idea of using a hose, throw a couple of buckets of water over it.

Bike cleaning bamboo sustainable cloth goRideLet your bike drip dry or give it a rub down with your dry cloth. Then store it in a protected/covered place where it can remain dry. Water left on your bike will damage it….


A clean bike looks good, performs better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain.  Have we convinced YOU that cleaning is important…if so read through our Bike & Chain Cleaning Buying Guide

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