We have all done it. Grabbed the bike, jumped on and headed down the road only to look down and see that the front tyre is nearly flat. Oh man, I won’t make it – off the bike, run back up to the house, try to find the pump, swear a little bit, find the pump and start the task. Were you kind of late to begin with? And now? Thirty seconds before every ride and you’ll save yourself a whole lot of stress. That’s all it will take to do a simple pre-ride safety check.

The worst outcome, for me, on failing to check anything before leaving the house was when I biked my then 5 year old boy all the way across town only to realise that he had no helmet on. I was alerted to this fact because, the some what annoyed, police man was yelling at me from his car on the other side of the road. I guess they see a lot and know that it simply is not an option to ride without a helmet. Nothing had happened to him, thank goodness, but you can’t control the outside road environment and a lack of helmet can lead to serious consequences. We simply had no checking routine in place and I wasn’t role modelling for him to learn. I’d put him in danger and really embrassed myself for the perceived lack of 30seconds in my morning. It’s as simple as

  • Wheels & Brakes
  • Tighten & Close
  • Helmet

If you know this routine great, promise me you will slow down and do it before every bike ride. Also promise me you will teach your family. If you would like some help with how its done go to goRide Essential Pre-ride Bike Safety Check and run through our simple instructions and don’t worry if you’re not a master mechanic the whole point of these routine checks is to catch things before they get too “big”.

Is it low, level, snug and stable?

Is it low, level, snug and stable?



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