How to Assemble your WeeHoo Turbo & Attach it to your Bike

The WeeHoo Turbo is a towed by the bike reclined trailer bike. It attaches to your seat post via a hitch system that offers the choice of 6 protectors:

The protectors range in size to match all seat post diameters

The sizes are 25.4mm, 26.8mm, 27.2mm, 28.6mm, 30.8mm, 31.6mm









For more information on attaching the WeeHoo to your bike see Will the WeeHoo attach to your bike?

WeeHoo Turbo with weather cover sun shade. goRide

Your WeeHoo has arrived…

Unpack your WeeHoo box. Remove the plastic and identify the following contents.

WeeHoo Turbo rear wheel & frame

WeeHoo Turbo seat frame, attachment arm, arm rests & pedals

WeeHoo Turbo seat & panniers

WeeHoo Turbo hitch system, seat mount & reflector

Tools/Equipment you will need…

No tools are supplied with the WeeHoo so you will need to gather together the following;

Attach the rear reflector

  • you will need the Phillips screwdriver and short screw
  • make sure the reflector is up the right way.  The largest part should be above the attachment point so that it clears the rear wheel
WeeHoo Turbo. Reflector screw and screw driver. goRide

Attach the pannier over the rear wheel framework 

  • Slide the panniers down over the rear frame work and secure in place by using the 4 velcro straps
WeeHoo Turbo panniers attached to rear frame. goRide

Attach the pedals 

  • Using the adjustable spanner attach the pedals checking that they are on the correct side.  The elastic toe holder should be to the front of the pedals.  When looking at the pedals from where the seat will be positioned – the right pedal should screw to the left.  Your left pedal should screw to the right.
Attaching WeeHoo Turbo pedals. goRide

Attach the black seat mount 

  • take the two black casings that clip together to form the seat mount
  • with the large side at the top, clip onto the frame & secure with long bolt set (see video)
  • this seat mount can slide back and forward to determine the position of the seat in relation to the pedals
WeeHoo Turbo seat mount. goRide

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Insert the seat back support

  • slide the ends of the seat back support down through the tabs on the back of the seat
  • when the support is lower than the pocket on the back of the seat you can then slide it up into the seat back pocket
WeeHoo seat support inserted. goRide

Attach the seat support to the back support

  • you will need the Allen key and two of the six mid length screws
  • the seat support screws to the bottom of the back support.  Partially tighten the screws
WeeHoo Turbo, securing seat support to back support. goRide

Attach the arm supports to the back support & seat support

  • you will need the Phillips head screwdriver and four of the six mid length screws
  • the arm support needs to slide into the sides of the seat.  Once in place partially tighten the screws
WeeHoo Turbo. Arm supports secured to back support. goRide

Secure velcro & tighten all screws

  • secure the seat to the seat support, at the front, by using the velcro fastenings
  • when you are happy with the position of all the seat supports tighten all 6 screws

Attach the seat to the base

  • slide the bottom of the seat down onto the black seat mount which is attached to the frame of the WeeHoo
  • take the long screw inserting it into the side of the mount with the square opening.  Push completely through and screw into place
WeeHoo Turbo.  Attaching seat to frame. goRide

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Attach the arm to the WeeHoo frame

  • the arm slides down into place – this is a tight fit so you may need to lube the inside surface of the arm to allow it to slide
  • align the screw hole, then insert the screw all the way through
  • push the safety over the end of the screw
WeeHoo Turbo. Arm attachment to WeeHoo frame. goRide

Attach the fender to the bottom of the arm

  • you will need the Phillips head screw driver the slim screw and washer
  • hold the fender (mud guard) in place while you tighten the screw
WeeHoo Turbo. Attaching fender/mudguard. goRide

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Remove your seat post

If you have a quick release on your seat post, undo this and remove your seat post from your seat post tube.  Otherwise you will need an Allen key to release your seat post bolt to remove your seat.

WeeHoo Turbo. Removing seat post from tube. goRide

Choose the seat post protector & attach

The WeeHoo comes with 6 different sizes of seat post protector.  If you know the diameter of your seat post choose the matching protector.  You can find this information on some seat posts otherwise it will be trail and error to see which one fits snugly.

  • Slide your protector into the silver seat post attachment
  • with the black lip of the protector at the bottom slide both pieces onto your seat post
  • insert the seat post back into the seat post tube until your seat is at the correct height – retighten the bolt/quick release
  • position the attachment directly above the end of the seat post tube
WeeHoo Turbo seat post protectors and hitch system.  goRide
The WeeHoo Turbo is suitable for carrying children up to a maximum weight of 36kg (about 9yrs).  It is against the law in New Zealand to tow a child on a bike if they are not wearing a helmet.

Always choose a safe protected environment when testing out your seat for the first time.  Do not exceed 24km/hr when turning sharply and allow for extra stopping distance.

For smaller children, load them on while you are astride the arm that connects the WeeHoo to your bike.  

Never leave the passenger unattended in the WeeHoo.

Passengers should be at least 2yrs old and 91.5cm (36inches) tall.

Do not roll a WeeHoo in reverse with a child onboard.

Always fasten the seat harness and foot straps.

Although intended for off road use the WeeHoo is allowed to be used on public roads in New Zealand.  If you choose to do so, please consider the dangers of riding in traffic.  Always follow the road rules and use the flag provided.  Not intended for use at night time.

WeeHoo attached to seatpost side view. goRide
WeeHoo Turbo. Morning commute. goRide
WeeHoo Turbo with weather cover sun shade. goRide

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