Bike Tow Bar – How to attach and ride safely

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Welcome. The Trailgator Bike Tow Bar is a bike to bike attachment. It attaches from the lead bike to a trailing bike. Your child needs to be riding their own bike for the Tow Bar to be a solution for your family, The Tow Bar is safe up to 32kg for the trailing bike and rider.

For more information on why you would choose to use a bike tow bar please read Bike Seats for Kids – Buying Guide – Towed by the Bike

This tow bar works with most adult bikes but there are some exceptions… please see Will a Bike Tow Bar Work with your Bike?


Where does it attach  

The Lead Bike 

Must have 26 or 27.5 inch wheels  (tyre diameter) . The Tow Bar will not work with 29 inch wheels

The Trailing Bike

Must be a kids bike with wheels size range from 12 – 20 inch. The Tow Bar connects to the steering tube.


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What will you receive and what tools will you need

The tow bar comes to you

The tools required to attach the Tow Bar: Adjustable spanner, Flat head screwdriver, Torque wrench and 13mm socket


Flat head screwdriver available in a multitool

How does it attach  

Attaching the Tow Bar to the lead bike

Attaches to the seat post with a diameter of 25.4 to 31.8mm

Attaching the Tow Bar to the trailing bike

You need to bracket to the kids steering tube using two 2 U bolts

The set up of the U Bolt will be different on different sized kids bikes and frame design. You can set up the U bolt one of three ways 1. upper. 2. central. 3. lower position

Work out which set up works to allow to to attach around the tubes of the frame

Please note the U Bolt is not compatible with. 



How to store the Tow Bar when not in use

Coming soon

Riding with your Tow Bar

Before your first ride …we reccomment that you test the feel of the bike tow bar in a quiet place without a passenger.  Only after you feel safe, take your child with you and practice away from road traffic. Your new tandem will possibly steer or brake differently to what you are used to with your solo bike.  This is especially true if the child’s bike is relatively large and your child is therefore older and heavier.


Inspect the tow bar and receiver for loose nuts/bolts before every ride.  Riding a bike causes vibration which will loosen things over time.

The tow bar is designed to be used when two bikes are following each other.  Make it clear to the trailing rider that to be safe they must remain seated on their bike and discourage them from leaning or swaying their bodies as this will make it difficult for you to maintain a straight riding line – important in traffic.

Kids with rear pedal brakes will still be able to engage their brakes while you are riding.

Maximum child weight is 32kg


Practice slowly at first and focus on clear communication techniques.  Always communicate starting or stopping in a loud voice.  Choose instructions that suit your family for starting – either ready, steady, GO or count 1, 2, 3 GO.  The trailing rider can make this starting call so you know they are ready.  Make sure the trailing person/child is aware of stopping or any slowing down.

Things to watch out for  
We’re here to help.  If installing your bike tow rope has raised some questions for you.  Please call us on 021 025 15576 or 0800 44 33 77 or CONTACT us via email

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