How to Attach a Do Little Child Bike Seat
Learn that attaching a Do Little Original or Do Little Biggie is a simple process. Enjoy family riding with the Do Little.
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Welcome. The Do Little is a New Zealand designed seat. It is suitable for kids from the ages of 2-6 years, up to a maximum weight of 30kg, approximately 1.4m tall. Because this seat is unharnessed your child needs to be well balanced to enjoy riding in this position.

The instructions are the same for both types of seats.  In the information to follow the DoLittle Original has been used.  Please see Will a DoLittle Fit My Bike to determine which type of DoLittle you will need.

Where does it attach?  
The Do Little is a mid mount kids bike seat (mounted to top tube of your bike). Both the Original and the Biggie attach to your top tube by one of two mounting brackets.  Both these mounting brackets come with the DoLittle:

Standard Mounting Bracket (comes with the Do Little)

Retro Mounting Bracket (comes with the Do Little)

Which mounting bracket will you need?  As the name suggests, the standard mounting bracket is meant for most bikes which have a horizontal or slightly sloping top tube.  If your top tube angles downward steeply or you have what is known as a double down frame (two tubes that follow the same downward angle)… you will need to use the retro mounting bracket.

NOTE:  the DoLittle does require a bike frame to have both a top-tube and a down-tube for correct fitting.


What will you receive and what tools will you need?
The Do Little comes to you in a box. Lets see what is in your box
What tools will you need?

Standard Mounting Bracket – All the tools you need (an Allen Key) are supplied with the Do Little seat

Retro Mounting Bracket – you will need the Allen Key supplied and also a flat head screwdriver (not supplied).


Allen Keys
Adjustable Spanner
How does it attach?  

Prepare your Do Little for attachment to your bike.

Remove the bolt sets ( 1 x short 2 x long) and standard mounting bracket from the Do Little frame.

Attach the standard or retro mounting bracket to your bike: 

18-22cm back from the handlebars

Watch that the velcro does not clamp any cables – thread it under them.

Completely unscrew and pull apart the top tube metal clamp

To secure the retro fitting – fit the top tube metal clamp around the outside of the velcro with the clamp screw positioned underneath the bike top tube. Tighten using a screwdriver.

Attach the Do Little to the mounting bracket

Slide the Do Little seat down over the top tube and onto the mounting bracket.

Insert the short bolt into either hole 1 or 2 (this will depend on the slope of your tube).  The short bolt set has 2 parts and is inserted from each side of the hole, joining in the middle when tightened.  Loosely tighten.

Insert one of the long bolt sets into hole 3, above the bottom tube.  Tighten loosely (as you did with the short bolt set)

Insert the other long bolt set into hole 4 .  below your bottom tube. Tighten loosely (as you did with the short bolt set)

Position the seat so it is horizontal

Once you have determined the position of the Do Little seat frame it is recommended that you place the padding on your bottom/down tube to protect the frame.  To do this you will have to remove the long bolt set from hole 4, place the pads, then re-insert the bolt set moving the frame back into position.

Tighten each bolt set using the Allen Key provided until the seat is securely fitted.  Be careful not to over tighten the long bolts and damage the shape of your down tube.

Test that the seat is adequately fastened by applying weight/pressure – it should not move.

Riding for the first time with your Do Little.
Always choose a safe protected environment when testing out your seat for the first time.

For smaller children, lift them on while you are astride the bike.  For older children, hold the bike steady while they climb up then position yourself on the bike.

It’s really important that your child wears closed in shoes EVERYTIME they ride with you.  Also be aware of loose clothing, shoelaces or straps hanging down from your child onto or into moving parts of the bike

Once they have placed their feet in the stirrups check you have good clearance between their feet and your front wheel by turning the handlebars to either side.

Where you want your child to place their hands – before the first ride have a talk with them about this and why it’s important they do what you ask.  Get them to hold the handlebars right in the middle – either side of the stem

People often ask us about their knees and whether they will have to pedal in a crazy way.  The answer is that most of the population will not have a problem with this.  The seat is 14cm at it’s widest point.  Your pedals are set at a greater distance apart than this.  So you will never hit the seat.  If you choose to ride with an older child who is bigger than the seat you may have to slightly adjust your knee action.  If your top tube is sloping and you have to place the seat further back than recommended you may have issues with this.

You may want to lower your seat at first as you adjust to riding with a child between your arms, this is only natural.  Try to return your seat to its normal height as soon as you feel comfortable.  This will allow you to maintain your natural pedalling style, improves your power and also increases the gap between you and a larger older child. When you have a passenger you must ride within your capabilities and consider the effect of extra weight e.g. brake earlier to stop.  Also always factoring in that your child is not secured to the bike, if they start to move around this will effect your balance and steering.

Although intended for off road use the Do Little is allowed to be used on public roads in New Zealand.  If you choose to do so, please consider the dangers of riding in traffic.

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