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Bike Lights How to Attach

Tools/Equipment you will need…

No TOOLs are required

You need your Knog Bike Light that you have purchased. Each bike light comes with a set of silicon straps – 2 for front lights – 3 for rear lights and a metal clasp.  The range of different lengths of these straps are designed to give your light a good fit whatever you decide to attach it to. Save

Choose where to attach…

Consider where you want to attach your light. Front light – Handlebars, Helmet. Rear Light-  Seatpost, Bag, Carrier. For more information see Attaching Bike Lights. Your main concern is will it fit and is there anything that may obstruct the beam of light.


How to attach…

Choose the correct sized strap. Take the straps and place around the object you will mount the light to and determine what is the right size.

Fit the strap onto the metal clasp.

Take the opposite end of the strap and place it over the hook of the bike light.

You are now ready to place it around the chosen object you are going to mount the light to.  Pull the strap around until you can place the clasp over the hook then push it closed.Save






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