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Will a Knog Oi Bicycle Bell fit on my bike?

Knog Oi Bicycle Bells are designed to be fitted to standard round bicycle handlebars that range in width from 22.2mm (small) and from 25.4 to 31.8mm (large) in diameter.  This bell is not compatible with aero bars.

Where does it go? Knog Oi Bicycle Bells can be placed anywhere along your handlebar where you have room.  You need to decide where it will go before you buy your bell so that you get the correct size as some handlebars have different diameters along their length.  The Oi also has space for cables to run through it.



Once you have decided where it will go work out whether you need a SMALL or a LARGE Knog Oi.

If you are unsure of the diameter of the handlebar you can use a flexible measuring tape and measure around the circumference of the handlebar.

The SMALL Oi bell  fits a 22.2mm handlebar diameter (that is a 69.74mm handlebar circumference)

The LARGE Oi fits a handlebar diameter from 25.4 to 31.8mm (that is a 74.77mm-99.9mm handlebar circumference)

How to attach a Knog Oi bike bell? The bells use a simple screw bracket system that clamps onto handlebars.  You do not need to remove anything as it will simply slide over the space you have chosen to mount it at. It also comes with a protective strip to place between the handlebar and clamp.  What tools will you need? An allen key or hex screw is provided with the bell.



1/   Take out the Oi and remove the hex bolt using the hex key provided.

2/   If you have the Large Oi but a 23.8, 25.4, or 26mm diameter bar you’ll need to put the appropriate spacer on your bar to make Oi sit flush. Make sure gap faces straight up. If your bar is 23.8mm, place the rubber tape provided inside the larger spacer.

3/   Manually open the mouth of the mount, and push over the handlebar if you can, fit it around your cables, there’s a space just for them.

4/   Position on a cylindrical part of the handlebar that you find comfortable, but is not curved or tapered We think close to the handle/grip, so your thumb can comfortably flick the hammer

5/   Screw in the hex bolt, firm enough to prevent any rotation, but don’t overtighten (this can affect the sound quality).



How does it work? Simply flick the hammer and enjoy the magical sound of your ringing bike bell. Learn a bit more about appropriate use of bike bells in our story Be Heard with a Bike Bell


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