Learn how to attach a Rear Junior Seat to your bike

The Rear Junior seat is a rear mount kids bike seat.  It attaches to your bike frame in two places:

the seat post tube of your bike frame – needs 3.5cm of clear space for the clamp

support struts attach to the rear seat/wheel stays

BoBike Junior on bike.goRide

Your Junior has arrived…

Unpack the Junior. Remove the plastic and identify the following contents.

How to attach a rear junior kids seat - closed.

Junior Seat in closed position

How to attach a rear junior kids bike seat - clamp

Frame clamp & screws

how to attach a rear junior kids bike seat - footrests

Foot rests & screws

Seat stay clamps - How to attach a rear junior kids bike seat

Support stay screws

How to attach leg protectors - rear junior

Leg protectors

Tools/Equipment you will need…

Prepare your Junior Seat for attachment to your bike

Your seat comes fully assembled with only the footrests to attach.  You can do this now or once your seat is on your bike.

The footrests have four height positions.  Choose the height and place your Allen bolts through the plate & footrest tube then tighten with an Allen Key.

BoBike Junior assembling footrests
BoBike Junior footrest attachment

Attach the clamp to the seat tube of your bike frame

To attach the clamp to your seat tube you will need the front & back pieces that make up the clamp.  The large bracket is placed in front of the seat post and needs to be screwed into the plate positioned to the rear of the seat post.  Do not fully tighten as you may need to slide the clamp up or down to position the seat correctly.

When the large bracket is secure you need to attach the rear seat receiver onto the top of the bracket.  Screw into place making sure the curved edge of the receiver is at the bottom of the opening.

Seat post clamp for BoBike Junior attachment. goRide

Attach the clamps to the seat stays (rear of frame) 

Attach both locking units onto the rear set stays approximately 30cm down.  They need to be at the same height.  This clamp has several parts – a front & back plate along with rubber protectors.  The rear plate allows for different diameters of rear stays, hook your plate into the correct slot and tighten at the opposite end with an Allen Key.  Loosen the black knob to a gap of around 1cm.  This is the space that receives the vertical seat supports.

BoBike Junior Seat. Seat stay supports. goRide

Attach the Seat to Your Bike Frame

BoBike Junior Rear seat attached to bike. goRide

Check Footrests, Fold Backrest, Check Safety Belt

  1. The height of your footrests can be changed check that you are happy with where you have placed yours, then securely tighten the bolts.
  2. The backrest folds up & down.  Check that you can do this.  In the down position it can be used as a carrier.
  3. Always have the safety belt fastened, even when your child is not on the bike.  This prevents the belt from falling into your moving wheel.
Test that the seat is adequately fastened by applying weight or pressure, it should not move.
The Junior is suitable for carrying children up to a maximum weight of 35kg (about 10yrs) and meets standard ………  It is against the law in New Zealand to carry a child on a bike if they are not wearing a helmet.
Test Ride & Safety

Always choose a safe protected environment when testing out your seat for the first time.  Begin by riding without the weight of a child and be aware of any changes to the handling or manoeuvrability of the bike.  When you feel that the seat has been correctly fitted & feels sound, add your child.

You must be holding the bike steady while a child climbs up into the seated position.  You may need to assist/lift younger kids. 

It’s really important that your child wears closed in shoes EVERY TIME they ride with you.  Also be aware of loose clothing, shoelaces or straps hanging down from your child onto or into moving parts of the bike.

You may want to lower your seat at first as you adjust to riding with a child’s weight on the bike.  Try to return your seat to its normal height as soon as you feel comfortable.  This will allow you to maintain your natural pedalling style, improves your power.

When you have a passenger you must ride within your capabilities and consider the effect of extra weight e.g. brake earlier to stop.  Also always factoring in that your child may want to see around your body, if they start to move around this will effect your balance and steering.

The Junior is intended for on or off road use.

Find out more, make your Kids Bike Seat solution a success…

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