The Topeak Explorer is available in two different designs – either compatible with disc brakes or non-disc brakes (rim brakes).  Both these carriers are attached the same way so follow the instructions below for both.

See the photos below to help with identifying the brake type on your bike.

Please note the Topeak Explorer is available in different sizes depending on the size of your wheels.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are easily identified by the large silver disc that is positioned in the middle of your wheels.  When this disc is squeezed by the brake pads it stops or slows your wheel from turning.

Disc Brakes

Non-Disc (Rim) Brakes

Rim brakes clamp onto both sides of the rim of your wheel.  They are attached to the frame of your bike over the top edge of your wheel.

Non-Disc or Rim Brakes

 How to attach your Topeak Explorer to your bike

The Topeak Explorer is a rear mount carrier. It has two attachment points

Top attachment to seat stay eyelets.  Rim brake screws, seat post quick release or using P-Clamps are alternative attachment points

Bottom attachment to eyelets found in your rear dropout (part of the frame that attaches to the middle of your wheel)


For more information on how carriers attach to bikes see  How do bike carriers attach to bikes?

Rear bike carrier attachment to rear seat stays & rear dropouts. goRide

Your Topeak Explorer has arrived…

Unpack and remove the plastic and identify the following contents.

Topeak Explorer rear carrier. goRide

Rear carrier arrives fully assembled

Topeak Explorer rear carrier. Bracket arms, screws & light mount. goRide

Instruction sheet, bracket arms, screws(8), bolts(4), washers(12) & black light mount

Tools/Equipment you will need…

No tools are provided with the Topeak Explorer so you will need to find

Attach the bracket arms to the rear carrier

  • you will need the 4 steel nylon threaded bolts, 4 screws and 8 washers
  • the bracket arms are adjustable so depending on the size of your bike frame can be mounted to reach different lengths…

Your first decision is best made with the carrier held in position on your bike to determine which hole in the bracket arm the bolts will be best placed in.  Then where abouts along the hole.  When you have worked out where you want to place the bracket arms do the following.

Put the 4 screws, with washers, down through the top of the carrier.  Then place 4 washers with the 4 bolts from under the carrier. Begin to tighten the bolts…do not completely tighten, you need the ability to slightly adjust the position of the bracket arms.

NOTE: your bracket arms will bend/flex to reach the eyelets on your frame

Attach the Topeak Explorer to the frame of your bike

  • the first attachment point to deal with is the bottom point at the rear dropout eyelets (screw holes).  Insert screw with washer and begin to tighten…do not completely tighten as you need this bottom attachment point to be able to pivot to allow the positioning of the top of the carrier
  • adjust the length and angle (bend up or down) of the bracket arms to be able to screw them to the top attachment point on the rear seat stay eyelets.  The carrier is best positioned on a slight 2 to 3 degree front tilt.
  • once you are happy with the position of the carrier tighten all bolts & screws


Test that the rear carrier is adequately fastened by applying weight/pressure – it should not move.  Attach your chosen rear reflector or rear light.  Also regularly check that the bolts and screws are tight and have not loosened with the vibration caused from riding.

Bike carrier ready for tightening of all bolts & screws. goRide
Bracket arms attachment. Topeak Explorer. goRide

Your bracket arms will bend/flex to reach the eyelets of the frame

Attaching a Rear Mount Kids Bike Seat

  • the Topeak Explorer is now ready to be used
  • if you are using it with a rear kids bike seat like the Thule Yepp Maxi carrier mounted seat…simply place the kids seat over the rear carrier and turn the large screw at the back of the seat until the clamp is fully tightened onto the carrier… see video
Thule Yepp Maxi clamp attachment onto rear carrier. goRide

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