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How to Attach a Yepp Maxi Carrier Mount Child Bike Seat

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Yepp Maxi Frame Mount

Your Carrier has the Correct Window…

No tools required. The Yepp Maxi Carrier Mount comes fully assembled so can be fitted to your bike straight from the box.

How to attach…

Press and hold the red sliding button while at the same time turning the grey knob counter-clockwise.  Make sure the slide is fully pushed in

Put the front hook under the front crosspiece of the window on the carrier (see photo below).  Lower the Yepp Maxi into a horizontal position and press the red slide button again while at the same time turning the grey knob clockwise until you feel resistance

Check the seat is properly secured by attempting to lift it.  To release the seat, perform the above actions in reverse order.

Attach the extra foot protectors, adjust the footrests & shoulder straps to fit your child




Fitting a Carrier Adaptor…

The Yepp Maxi Carrier Adaptor comes fully assembled so can be fitted to your bike carrier straight from the box.  An Allen Key is supplied with the adaptor.

How to attach…

Positioning of the carrier adaptor depends on the type & size of your bike.  When fitted the Yepp Maxi child seats centre of gravity must not be more than 10cm behind the rear axle (this prevents the bike from tipping backward).

Simply place the adaptor onto your current carrier and begin to tighten the bolts which pull in the clamps.  Make sure both bolts are tightened evenly.

Once the adaptor is secure position the Yepp Maxi as per above instructions.  Place you child in the seat and check the centre of gravity – move the adaptor forward if there are any issues.

Check the bolts regularly to see if any tightening is necessary.




Find out more, make your Child Bike Seat solution a success…

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  • Yepp Maxi Pannier Adaptor coming soon…

…so you and your family can SMILE when you goRide

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