Learn how to Attach ‘Lock On’ Handlebar Grips

Handlebar grips attach onto the ends of your handlebars to provide comfort, control and protection.  Grips can attach in 2 different ways

Lock on – a clamping mechanism is screwed to your handlebars

Slide on – as the name suggests by sliding the grip over the ends of your handlebars.  Common with kids handlebar grips.  For attaching instructions see How to Attach ‘Slide On’ Grips coming soon…


For more information see Features of a Handlebar Grip

ergon-ga3-grips. Blue.goRide

Your ‘Lock On’ Grip has arrived…

Unpack your grips, remove the plastic.

Packaged Mountain Bike Handlebar grips. goRide

RaceFace ‘Lock On’ grip

Tools/Equipment you will need…

Allen Key – usually a small one.  For the RaceFace grips used here, you will need a 2mm one.

Allen key for handlebar grips. goRide

Prepare your Bike Handlebars – Remove old grips

Remove the grips that are currently on your handlebars

  • Lock-on grips will need to be unscrewed and pulled off
  • Slide on grips will need to be cut off or slid off using a lubricant

Attach Lock-On Grips

Slide your new grips onto the handlebar being careful to have them on the right side.

Rotate the grip until it is in the correct position for your hand.  Aligning any support areas or grip surfaces so they match places on your hand/fingers.  The small Race Face words on these grips need to be where the ends of your fingers grip the bars.

Find the small hex screws on both ends of the grip and tighten the screws with an Allen Key.  This RaceFace Grip has screws at both ends of the grip not all lock on grips are double locks like this.

Testing – Your grips should not move or rotate once they have been secured.

Find out more, make your Handlebar Grip solution a success…

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