How to Size and Fit a Bike Jacket

Make sure your Bike Jacket fits correctly to get the protection you need. 

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Welcome.  Understanding how to size & fit a bike jacket is a really important part of your bike riding experience.  Your jacket will only work correctly if you have the right size. Bike jackets come in a huge range of different shapes & styles so you can’t just guess.

Jacket Size 

To get the right size bike jacket you must measurePlease be aware that jackets made for cycling are small in sizing & fit.  The size you measure to will probably be a larger size than you normally buy.

This is an important part of your online shopping experience.  It’s better to take the time now to measure so you can make more informed decisions.  Most jackets will require a chest and waist measurement to be taken.

The best way to measure is with a tape measure.  If you don’t have a tape measure use a piece of string or some wool then lay this out along a ruler.


Firstly you will need to measure your chest.  To do this place a tape measure around the chest and make sure the tape is level all the way around. Measure the circumference at the widest part of your upper chest just under your arm pits.

The second measurement is for your waist: To find the natural crease line of your waist, stand straight with hands at the side.  Then bend sideways running the hand down the outside surface of the leg.  This movement will produce a crease at the waist so place your measuring tape on this crease.  Return to standing straight and place the tape measure around your waist at your crease point (usually the narrowest part of your torso).

Jacket Fit 

How to check your Bike Jacket fits correctly…

Before you begin this check list, consider whether your jacket needs to fit over several layers of clothing?  What kind of clothing & how many layers would you normally want to wear under your jacket?

Closing the zip:  Once you have your jacket on, check the front zip closure.  Will it do all the way up your body?  If it works from two directions, are both zippers working?  Check that your zips will move past your hips, waist & chest.

Shoulder width: Is there enough space across your shoulders for you to move freely.  Will your arms move forward & up without restriction?

Length: Check the length of the arms and the length of the jacket on your body.  Are you happy with were the jacket sits on you?  Does it cover what you thought it would?  A lot of bike jackets have a short body length ending at the high to mid hip line. When you move around does it ride up anywhere?

Ideally you should be able to move with your jacket fully zipped up without any restriction.  You don’t want to experience pulling up at the sleeve or at your lower back.  It should cover you effectively so it can do the job you want it to do – keep you dry or keep you warm.

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Check all zips on your jacket

Check body length/arm length and the shape of the jacket

You need to have enough space across your shoulders to move without restriction

Check the riding length

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