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We all have different size hands so you can’t just guess size, you need to get bike gloves that fit.  Understanding how to size & fit a pair of bike gloves is a really important part of your bike riding experience.  They will only work correctly if you have the right size.

Light blue full length womens bike glove

Bike Glove Size

To get the right size bike gloves you must measure.

This is an important part of your online shopping experience.  It’s better to take the time now to measure so you can make more informed decisions. Where you need to measure will depend on the type of bike gloves you are considering buying.  Most will require a length & circumference measurement to be taken.  For kids full finger gloves we also recommend a finger measurement.

The best way to measure is with a tape measure.  If you don’t have a tape measure use a piece of string or some wool then lay this out along a ruler. You must do both measurements so that you have all the information you need to make a good decision about which size is right.

Firstly you will need to find your palm length…

from the lines created by your wrists to the base of your middle finger – see photo



Next find your palm circumference… 

from the base of your little finger around the base of your index finger and back to your little finger (right around your knuckles) – see photo






Kids full finger gloves – finger measurement

from the base of your middle finger to the tip


How to Put Bike Gloves On Correctly

Once you have a pair of bike gloves to try on it is important to put them on correctly so you can test out whether they will work for your hands or not.  This involves getting the gloves securely onto your hand and and checking the level at your wrist.

  1.  Open any closures and slide your fingers into the gloves.  Holding at the wrist pull them as far up to your wrist as you can.  It can be difficult with a “fitted” style glove to get the glove all the way on.  To help get it in the correct place push down into the spaces between your fingers.  If the glove has a velcro opening now close it.

How to Check your Bike Gloves Fit Correctly


This is generally what will determine whether the gloves fit your hand or not

  • does the end of the glove sit at or above your wrist?
  • for full finger gloves can you get your entire finger into the finger holes?

A glove is too short if you feel like you need to pull it on more and it is not sitting comfortably at your wrist.  You must be able to open & close your fingers without restriction


It is the room in the palm that will determine whether you have a glove that is well fitted and allows you to grip properly.  Too much width will give you too much fabric that can interfere with grip and allows your hand to slip around inside the glove.  Alternatively a glove that is too tight will not allow you to grip correctly and is likely to interfere with you ability to stretch your thumb away from your hand.

The idea is to get the right amount of firmness/fit to allow good movement and to have any padding/protection sitting in the correct place.


So do a bit of jiggling around, moving your fingers, bending your wrist, gripping with your thumb opposing your fingers – what does all the moving do to the position of your glove?  It should be held in place and allow full range of movement.





We’re here to help.  If sizing or trying on your bike gloves has raised some questions for you.  Please call us on 0800 44 33 77 or CONTACT us via email


Palm Length

Palm Circumference

Small Women

Small Men



17 – 18.5cm

17.5 – 20cm

Medium Women

Medium Men



18 – 19.5cm

20 – 22.5cm

Large Women

Large Men



19 – 20.5cm

22.5 – 25cm

X-Large Women

X-Large Men



20 – 21.5cm

25 – 27cm

KIDS Bike Gloves

Palm Length

Palm Circumference

Finger Length


Fingerless  6cm

Full Finger  4 – 5.5cm

14 – 15.5cm

Finger length 5cm


Fingerless 7cm

Full Finger  5 – 6.5cm

15 – 16.5cm

Finger length 5.5cm


Fingerless  8cm

Full Finger  6 – 7.5cm

16 – 17.5cm

Finger length 6cm


Fingerless 9cm

Full Finger  7 – 8.5cm

17 – 18.5cm

Finger length 6.5cm

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