How to Wash Your Bike Jacket

Learn how to care for your jacket so your jacket will perfrom well for you over time…

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Technical performance fabrics need more laundry care due to their unique yarn content and special construction.

In order to maintain a good appearance and feel over a prolonged period of use please follow all advice. Follow Care Instructions on labels located on each garment and read below for additional washing details.

To learn more please read: Bike Jacket Technical Terms

How to Wash Your Bike Jacket: For best outcomes prepare garment then wash

Turn garment inside out before placing into washing machine

  • This is to avoid snagging on clasps, zippers or buttons from other items being washed at same time
  • To further reduce chance of snagging we always recommend to wash separately from other garments which might contain Velcro
  • Machine wash cold water
    • Maximum water temperature 30°C or 85°F
  • Mild Detergent
    • Do not use bleach, harsh detergents or fabric softeners
  • Choose permanent press cycle if available
    • With permanent press cycle it cools fabric before final spin reducing chance of wrinkles
  • Remove garment promptly from machine and hang to dry
    • Do not allow garment to lay upon itself as this may cause colour bleeding or colour migration problems
  • Cool Iron if necessary
    • With synthetic fabric blends they can be very sensitive to heat
    • Make sure the lowest possible temperature setting is used on iron. Test on area which cannot be seen while worn (such as bottom hem) before ironing entire garment

Always promptly remove garment from washer once cycle has finished

    • Leaving garment in washer for prolonged periods can cause fabrics to bleed and/or leave unsightly wrinkles

Always wash with like colours

    • Avoid any possible colour bleeding or colour migration between dark and light garments

Understand how you can damage your jacket…

Do Not Machine Dry

    • Once garment has been washed immediately hang to dry
    • Do not wring out excess moisture as this can cause permanent damage
    • Do not lay to dry upon itself as this may lead to color bleeding

Do Not Dry Clean

    • Dry cleaning will damage the garment and/or leave an unsightly sheen.

Do Not use Fabric Softeners

    • Fabric softeners can block a garments ability to transfer perspiration
    • Fabric softeners can cause dirt and stains to resist removal

Do Not wash with cycling gloves or any other garment that have Velcro closure

    • If you do wash with cycling gloves it is best place them in a small laundry bag in order to avoid possible snagging and piling to other garments during wash cycle from hook and loop closure

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