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Kids Bike Glove Buying Guide

Things to Consider when Buying Kids Bike Gloves …

Full fingered vs fingerless – weather

If your child is riding most of the year including in cooler temperatures it can be a good idea to give them gloves with more coverage (fingers) and better insulation.   Winter gloves designed for warmth are made out of fabrics (wool or brushed synthetic fibres) that are not as durable as bike gloves so if you want them to last look for reinforcing.  In the hot months of summer it’s better for temperature control to have air flow around your fingers so this is why fingerless gloves are made.

Full fingered vs fingerless – type of rider

For kids that are mountain biking seriously or as a sport – getting coaching, racing or out on the trails most days – full fingered gloves will give them more abrasion protection and tend to have better padding.  For most other kids that ride a simple pair of fingerless gloves in the right size provides the protection they need without interfering with grip.

Get the right fit

Gloves should not interfere with your grip on the handlebars.  So sizing is really important, make sure that the gloves still allow them to grip, brake and shift gears properly.  Even when it’s really cold be careful that the bulk of winter gloves still allows them to have good contact with the handlebars.

Time on the bike

Time on your bike is a factor.  The longer and more often you are on a bike the more your body is exposed to vibration.  Padding absorbs vibration as well as helping with compression from too much weight in your hands.  If you’re planning on bike touring with your family gloves are a good investment for the kids – for training rides & during the riding adventure itself.

Surface they ride on

Where you ride is important because the type of surface you ride on directly effects the levels of vibration & energy that your hands have to absorb.  So off road riding or bumpy on road surfaces require a bit more protection in terms of padding.  This padding provides a buffer to the damage repeated vibration can cause.  Again this is an important consideration for bike touring/multi-day riding.

goRide’s KID BIKE GLOVE Solutions

Type of Rider




Everyday town rider, easy off road, mountain bike rider

Summer and the warmer days of Autumn & Spring

Sealed to smooth gravel surfaces

Less than 2hrs per ride

Mountain biker, tour & multi-day rider

All season but watch overheating on hot summer days

Ideal for all off road riding

Less than 2hrs per ride

Make your purchase a success…


Consider how you care for your gloves.  They will need cleaned at some stage so be sure to look at the washing instructions as generally the fabrics used to make gloves are technical and require special care – a hand wash.

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.

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