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Header Kids Bike Pants Buying Guide
Do they need them?

The padding in the bike underwear (goUnders), bike pants or liners help to provide comfort and protection at the contact point of the bottom on the bike seat. The length of time riding, the frequency they ride – is it on consecutive days?  Do they talk about discomfort?  Do you want to eliminate all barriers to help just get them out there… will all be factors to help you decide – do they need them? Learn more at Kids Bike Pants – do they need them?

What do they want to wear on the bike?

Choosing what to wear on the bike will depend on what they feel comfortable in, what is appropriate to provide protection from the season, the weather, the terrain. Learn more at What to Wear on the Bike.  Bike underwear with padding (a chamois) sewn in offers the most flexibility. Worn like underwear – they goUnder their riding clothing of choice, everyday or recreational clothes, clothing in their wardrobe that suits the season, the weather on the day, there mood, and their changeable likes and dislikes. See Bike in Everyday/Recreational Clothes.  Bike pants are specific riding pants made of lycra with padding sewn in. See Bike in Lycra Padded Bike Pants. The other option is bike shorts that may or may not come with a liner (liners normally have padding sewn in).


The chamois is the padding that will provide the comfort and protection when they ride. The chamois should be kids specific to fit their smaller structure. Made from a fabric that wicks away moisture and is breathable. See more at Fancy pants- why wear padded bike pants.


The fabric should be a performance material the is breathable and wicks away moisture. The fabric needs to stretch to provide firmness so the chamois can be held in place to provide the cushioning in all the right places. See Women Riding Clothing – Fabric Choice

goRide’s KIDS BIKE PANTS Solutions


On the bike



Padded Bike Underwear

Wear everyday/recreational clothes. Choose the clothes to suit the season and the weather and your mood.

Kids specific chamois. Performance fabric – breathable and moisture wicking.

Fun and funky to make them SMILE.

Lycra padded pants

Wear bike pants.

Lycra provides firmess

goRide is choosing Bike Underwear as our only kids solution as we believe they provide the flexibility kids need for biking.

For lycra options try Ground Effect Dynamos

Make your purchase a success…

Care for your bike pants

Your bike pants will have specific care instructions. Follow them. As your bike pants are worn directly against your skin while exercising you will need to wash after every ride. Learn more at Tips for Caring for your Bike Pants.

Be comfortable on your bike seat

There is more you can do to help you be comfortable

  1. The saddle may need to be considered. Kids bikes are often not blessed with great bike seats.
  2. Help them ride in the correct body position – See Chi Riding video and other Chi Riding tips.

…so you and your family can SMILE when you ride.

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