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Kids bike seat buying guide
What type of kids bike seats will fit on your bike?

Not all kids bike seats fit on all bikes. To understand what kids bike seat solution is right for you and your family – match the type of bike you have to the kids bike seats that will fit. Find out options  here

How old is your child?

Different types of kids bike seats suit different ages of children.  These age recommendations keep you and them safe (also read Biking with Babies on Board – NZ Law). The ranges are based on averages – please note size, weight and motor development can influence age suitability.

The Mini 1-3yrs, FRONT. The Do Little  2-7yrs, MID. The Shotgun 2-5yrs, MID. The Maxi 1-6yrs REAR.

Consider the age range you want your child on a seat, from and to, when making a decision.

Where do you want your child positioned (front, mid or rear)?

There are pros and cons to the different styles of kids bike seats and where they attach to the bike (at the front, in the mid or at the rear). Understand the pros and cons so you can determine what is the right solution for you and your family,  Bike Seats for Kids – What are my options?  If you have already decided where on your bike is best for your family, take a look at The Yepp Mini – The Best Front Mounted Kids Bike Seat or The Yepp Maxi – The Best Rear Mounted Kids Bike Seat.

Where are you riding & how often?

Can you imagine yourself riding most days of the year and going a variety of places?  Some of the kids bike seats are more versatile on different terrain than others, offering better weather protection and allow you to carry more stuff.  Read Bike Seats for Kids – What are my options?  Read this story about How to do more riding with a toddler or 2…it has great advice for building your confidence to ride with kids.  If you are a Mountain Biker and want a kids bike seat to fit onto your Mountain Bike read…The Best Kids Bike Seats for Mountain Biking.  ‘Town Riding’ seats are explained in this story.  We talk about the best bike path kids seat options here.  Watch this space for The Best Kids Bike Seats for Family Touring, coming soon.

How many children?

There are options for carrying more than one child with you either on the bike, towed by the bike or a combination of two.  Perhaps a cargo bike would be a better investment.  Also think about the future – will you be adding to your family?  Bike Seats for Kids – What are the options and How to do more riding with a toddler or 2.

Price & Accessories

Kids bike seats are an investment with a good second hand market.  If looked after well they will hold their value.  Purchasing more than one attachment adaptor means that more than one person can ride with your child or you can ride on different bikes.  Giving you more riding time meaning better value for your investment.  Certain accessories will allow you to ride in a greater variety of weather e.g. windscreens.  Kids Bike Seats – Safety & Care

Harness and Footrests

A good harness & footrest system will make your riding more enjoyable.  Make sure it is easy to adjust, that it allows for growth and can’t be opened by a child.

Ability to lock

Having the ability to lock the seat to the bike when you leave it in a public space just gives you peace of mind.


What features will give your child added comfort – foam vs plastic, padding on shoulder straps, adjustable harness & footrests, space for their helmet, airflow protection, high rear back for support if they fall asleep, or a sleep support on a front seat, a windscreen for weather protection…

goRide’s KIDS BIKE SEAT Solutions

Age & Attachment type
Type of Riding
Kids Bike Seat

1 – 3yrs

Front – Handlebar Stem

Harness that can’t be opened by a child. Adjustable harness & footrests. Place for the hands, optional sleep support &/or wind protection. Can be locked or secured to the bike.

Town, bike path, touring

Fits a range of bike styles best used with upright town bikes that create space in front of the rider

A-Head adaptor suits mountain/trail bikes

Windscreen compatible with town/urban/commute bikes (Quill handlebar stem)

2 – 6 yrs

Mid –  All frame styles

Simple to attach. Different fittings allow attachment to ALL types of bikes.

Bike path, easy mountain biking

Fits most mountain bike & trail/touring bike frames by using the adaptors sold with the seat.  A retro adaptor can be brought separately for step through frames.

2 – 5 yrs

Mid – Sloping & Normal Top Tube

Adjusts to fit top tube widths 30-68mm and all top tube angles. Down tube widths 30-100mm.  Seat tilt adjustment. Designed for mountain bike use.  Quick removal <30secs.

Bike path, easy mountain biking

Fits ALL mountain bike frames including full suspension & carbon

1 – 6 yrs

Rear – Carrier or Frame (seat post tube)

5 pt harness that can’t be opened by a child. Adjustable harness & footrests. Can be locked to the bike.  Padded harness & comfortable foam seat.

Town, bike path, touring

Fits to either a rear carrier or to the frame of a variety of bike styles

Make your purchase a success…

Fitting Instructions

It is essential that you follow the fitting instructions when installing your kids bike seat for the first time.  If you are going to be riding with your child YOU should install the seat or be very closely involved.  Understanding how it attaches gives you the ability to check before every ride that the seat is safe to use.

For more info on ways to get the most out of your purchase please read Kids Bike Seats – Safety & Care.


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