Hollie is 7 years old and lives in Nelson. She rides a Mongoose 20 inch wheel bike with no gears – this is a challenging bike for Hollie as it is heavy and it is Hollie riding 20inch mongoose really hard for her to push up hills. She doesn’t have the leg strength and if she manages one her legs are so tired the next one just feels like a mountain. Hollie’s bike is affecting her ability to ride as well as her enjoyment. She will get her brother Sam’s bike (a Specialised 24 inch wheel, 21 gear with front suspension) when he gets a new one. She has had a few practises on Sam’s bike and is finding the transition from back brakes to hand brakes quite scary. She needs some encouragement and practice at braking so she can feel safe. See Get Better at Braking with Isaac for all sorts of braking tips and activities.

kids who ride bikes hollie thumbs up cycling goRideCan you remember your first bike and describe it for us…

It was a really small blue bike – it used to be my big brothers (Sam). I am pretty sure I had a runner bike before that. Yes Mum tells me a pink Avanti runner bike that I would use to try and keep up with Sam.

Who do you ride with?

Mum and Sam and sometimes Dad.

What do you like about riding?

I like the feeling of the wind when I go fast and being out in the sun. I make Mum and Dad smile when we ride as I always make a wee sound when I go down hill.

What do you find hard?

Going up mountains (Hollie probably means hills but in her eyes they are mountains). Getting the confidence to use brake levers when going downhill I am finding it a bit scary coming from back breaking with my legs.

Where do you like to ride?

I really enjoy BMX type tracks, lots of short up and downs. In Nelson we have the BMX track at Tahuna Beach, Conifer Park and their is a fun track up the Maitai. I also enjoy cycling along the Maitai River and up the Maitai Valley.

What’s the most fun you have had riding?

Riding BMX trails and learning to get control going down the hills, wee….

Do you clean your bike or check it’s working before you ride?

I have cleaned it a couple of times but I plan on cleaning it a little more often with Mum.

Do you have anywhere that you want to go riding that you haven’t been?

I am looking forward to our big adventure, riding to Kaiteriteri on the Tasman Great Taste Trail. I know I need to practise getting a bit stronger so I can goRide on my own with my family.

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