Isaac is 6 years old and lives in Nelson. He rides a 20 inch wheel Specialized Hotrock with 6 gears. The thing he loves the most about his bike is that it is red and it has gears – but he finds the gears really hard to use (grip shifters on his handlebar grips – he doesn’t have the wrist strength to shift them). Isaac has a kids helmet xs to s (50-55cm) that has broken where the helmet shell attaches to the rear occipital adjuster (the thing at the back of the helmet that tightens the fit). We are looking for a new one and as Isaac is nearly 7 with a big head its proving a bit tricky – none of the cool looking kids/junior ones fit him properly. For more on helmet fitting check out the goRide Helmet series.
Kids ProfileCan you remember your first bike and describe it for us…

I think my first bike had trainer wheels and I can’t remember what colour it was. Oh wait it was blue and Dad took the pedals off it and I used it like a balance bike.

Who do you ride with?

Mum and Dad and Rhea. And some of my friends.

What do you like about riding?

That it gets you around quickly. I like going fast down hills and having fun on my bike.

What do you find hard?

Biking up hills is quite hard. Pedalling in gear 6 because you have to push really hard.

Where do you like to ride?

I like to ride up hills because you feel good when you get to the top. I like the mountain bike tracks the best. The Queen Charlotte track was really fun.

What’s the most fun you have had riding?

In Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park I was going quite fast around the corners and that was fun. I like pump tracks too. (Check your local primary and intermediate schools – pump tracks are popping up all over the place. For example in Nelson/Tasman there are pump tracks at Auckland Point School, Nelson Intermediate, and at the Mapua playground and the Tasman Domain next to Tasman School.)

Do you clean your bike or check it’s working before you ride?

Yes. I sometimes clean my bike I like to get the mud off it. (Here’s what Isaac has been taught – cleaning his tyres.)

Do you have anywhere that you want to go riding that you haven’t been?

I’d like to take my bike to Australia when we go on holiday.


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