Rhea is 9 years old and lives in Nelson, New Zealand. She rides a 26 inch wheel mountain bike with 21 gears and front suspension – which she got about 6 months ago and it has made a huge difference to her riding enjoyment. Why? Rhea’s legs get tired pretty quickly so having low gears and big wheels has meant she can ride up hills and over bumpy terrain that she would have found difficult on her other smaller bike. Her helmet is a Bell Piston 54-61cm and it’s silver. We had to take the Scott helmet she is wearing in the photo below back because every time she put it on the rear stabiliser would pop out of its only attachment allowing the whole helmet to slide back and forward on her head! There was a way to stop this from happening but we wanted her to have a helmet that was stored in it’s correct “fitted” position so she could just put it on her head and do it up.
Kids ProfileCan you remember your first bike and describe it for us…

It was pink and it had 3 wheels on the back. It was really small compared to my bike right now. I think I was 4.

Who do you ride with?

My Mum, my Dad and Isaac my brother and sometimes friends.

What do you like about riding?

That you can go faster than walking and it’s not as hard as running. It’s fun to do.

What do you find hard?

Going up hills when I’m in the wrong gear.

Where do you like to ride?

Down my hill on the way to school. I liked Codgers before the storm but now there’s no trees – I like the shade. Exploring new things is good too, like when we went to Whispering Falls. It was good we had the bikes because it didn’t take so long to get there.

What’s the most fun you have had riding?

Knocking myself out – NO just kidding. It’s going to be fun in Taupo when we go this year.

Do you clean your bike or check it’s working before you ride?

No Dad does this. Sometimes I ride around to check the gears are working before we go. (What’s the bare minimum you should check before getting on your bike? Find out here.)

Do you have anywhere that you want to go riding that you haven’t been?

I want to go bike touring. We are planning a trip from Nelson to Kaiteriteri and it sounds like fun because I really like camping.


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