Sam is a tall 10 year old boy who lives in Nelson. He rides a 24 inch wheel mountain bike with 21 gears and front suspension – whichThe Tasman Great Taste trail smiling while I ride he got for his 7th birthday. This bike is definitely too small for Sam. We think we will now invest in a 27.5 inch wheel bike for Sam.

Sam has had his current helmet since his head was fully grown, about 6 years old. Check out The essential guide to helmets – a helmet that works for you for information on kids head sizes. It has endured some boy treatment and has held up well, but we will need to replace it, due to wear and tear at some stage. We are making sure we check it regularly, see 3 Top Tips for Helmet Care.

The Tasman Great Taste trail smiling while I rideCan you remember your first bike and describe it for us…

I have a clear memory of the first bike I owned, it was a blue 12 inch Mongoose. I remember riding it up and down our long driveway and our street. Mum tells me I got it for my 3rd birthday after about 3 weeks of riding a runner bike from the toy library I was off riding my blue Mongoose bike.

Who do you ride with?

Mum, Dad and Hollie and sometimes my mates when we go to sports trainings and their houses. I am starting to do some independent riding now like to my friends house. I just have to make sure I ring Mum when I get there.

What do you like about riding?

I love going new places, discovering new things. Being in control of where I go and what I do. I am not so keen on walking places I prefer to ride. I can get there quicker.

What do you find hard?

Going up hills especially when I am tired.

Where do you like to ride?

I do Codgers, the Tangagree, and the Maitai Rides in Nelson, generally linked together into one ride, with Mum or Dad. I enjoy that ride and am getting less tired the more often I do it. When I was 4 years old I rode the Central Otago Rail Trail on the trailer bike on the back of Dads bike. I am looking forward to achieving that one on my own bike. We recently rode in Hawkes Bay from the Tandem cafe on Te Mata Rd in Havelock North to Clifton and back, that felt like a long way that day but watching the surfers on the way was pretty cool. Also in Wellington to the Pencarrow Lighthouse. In Nelson we often do parts of the Railway Reserve in the city and Stoke and the Atawhai Shared Pathway. When I go to visit my Grandad we often go by bike along the cycleways.

What’s the most fun you have had riding?

When I had a riding adventure with my Dad. We biked from Nelson to McKee Domain and back the next day (part of the Tasman Great Taste Trail). Going on the Mapua Ferry is fun and we even had fish and chips at the Mapua Wharf.

Do you clean your bike or check it’s working before you ride?

Sometimes I clean my bike, I know I should probably do it more often. I know how to check my bike, sometimes I completely forget about it but I do know I am getting better at it. Mum has me well drilled at always checking my helmet so I know it is level, low, snug and stable before I ride.

Do you have anywhere that you want to go riding that you haven’t been?

I like going places on my bike, so I think I will find some places to ride. I am just not sure where they are yet. One of my best friends does a lot of mountain biking so I am looking forward to learning more mountain biking skills and doing some riding with him. A part of the Tasman Great Taste Trail finishes at Kaiteriteri, a ride we are about to do with my family, and I am looking forward to riding in the Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park.


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