The goRide families are preparing for an adventurous ride. We are going to ride a part of the Tasman Great Taste Trail over 4 days and 3 nights!

Rabbit island bikes

Rabbit Island Cycle Trail – part of the Tasman Great Taste Trail

Yes biking and camping two great outdoor activities mixed together and commonly known as bike touring and for us, bike touring with kids!

To follow is the story of how we “got ready” using our very handy resource Get Ready to goRide – The Kids Guide

These guidelines can be really simple if your ride is short, familiar and the weather is good or it can be a little more complicated like ours was. Either way this guide is a thought process that all people who ride with children should form.


Get Ready to goRide – Nelson to Kaiteriteri with Kids

PlanPLAN the destination. We chose 78km of the Tasman Great Taste Trail (see full trail details here). A grade 2-3 fairly flat mainly off road ride. For us this was about challenging our children (Sam, Rhea, Hollie, Isaac) in a safe way while adding lots of opportunity for fun. What will it look like?

Day One: Nelson to Ruby Bay 36km, camping at McKees Domain

Day Two: Ruby Bay to Motueka 26km, camping at Top 10 Holiday Park Motueka

Day Three: Motueka to Kaiteriteri 16km, camping at Bethany Holiday Park, Kaiteriteri


goUnders – more colours available in store

PREP your gear. We will be dealing with 7 sets of bikes and helmets and 1 tailgater with helmet. Our bikes are not touring specific bikes so we have decided that the best idea for us on our first bike touring trip is to have one adult driving a support vehicle each day. This vehicle will have all the camping gear, evening food, extra clothing, full tool kit, etc etc. This means that the children do not need to be weighed down with any gear and the panniers we do take will not be bursting at the seams. On the bikes/in our bags we will have the items prepared using our essential pre-ride personnel safety check – Am I Safe?.  This check deals with safety, visibility, security, kits, food & water and weather. Its all in the preparation… Sam and Rhea were given responsibility for our pre-ride checks.  Everyone that rode wore padded bike pants (Why Wear Padded Bike Shorts?) including the kids who had padded bike underwear – goUnders.  This meant they could ride in shorts & leggings while getting the benefits of being protected from their seat over the big distances and multiple days of riding.


FitnessPREP their fitness/skills. Building endurance is important for this ride so we have prepared the kids by taking them on a variety of rides fairly consistently leading up to our tour.

Kids Profile

Isaac at Anakiwa

Sam has ridden the first stage – this was great for him as he now knows what this first day and longest ride involves.
Rhea and Isaac have ridden up Maitai River track for approximately 10kms. During this ride I introduced the idea of stopping for a rest/food and then getting back on the bikes. Two weekends later they rode from Linkwater along the roadside track to Anakiwa (about 5kms) then onto the Queen Charlotte Track (Marlborough) to do a 12km in and out, total of 17-18kms of flat riding and hill climbing/descents.
We spent an afternoon at a local school working on braking as a skill. Playing games with the kids was a really fun way to get them to think about their braking and a great skill to learn in preparation for a trip that involves several riders and off road terrain – No Skidding!

Stopping on a coin.

Stopping on a coin.


Hollie worked on a fun crossword to prepare us in terms of road rules and track etiquette applied to the environment we will be in.

KidsPREP the kids. My two kids have been given the basic outline of what we want to do – along the lines of, “If we were to go for some big bike rides and then camp at the end of the day would it be fun?” I’ve mentioned a few of the fun things – swimming at the beach, Mapua Ferry ride, ice creams at Toad Hall in Motueka. This is where I will keep their attention focused. At the beginning of each day I’ll let them know what to expect from the day and that it’s OK to be tired but not OK to whine or be grumpy so let me know you’d like to stop for a while…

Sam, on the other hand, is a details orientated kind of boy, so he knows a lot more about how far we are going, how long it is likely to take each day and where each stop will be.

Each child has been given an area of responsibility for the trip. Check out each of these stories and the story of our trip (see below).  Bike Touring with kids involves a bit of planning & preparation but it’s so much fun!

Thanks for reading. Used together our stories and resources support you to achieve and develop as a rider.

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