This simple safety check for road riders helps you to be prepared in a road riding environment.  You can then relax and enjoy, knowing that you’re well prepared.


Follow the goRide essential pre-ride bike safety check here,  it’s only 30 seconds long and should be done before every ride.  Especially if you’re heading out on a big ride or into isolated areas.  Understand how to fit your helmet correctly so it does the job it is designed to do – check here.

Put your helmet on and give your bike a small test ride.  Make sure you have checked your brakes and tyre pressure before you leave the house.

What are you wearing?  Most road riders like to wear tight fitting clothing because it is designed to stretch, is lightweight, will have appropriate padding and will be the most comfortable choice.  Comfort is important as you spend longer periods of time in one position on a bike.  Padded bike pants – Buying Guide


Clothing – we recommend bright clothing every time you ride in traffic, it adds another preventive layer to your visibility.

Lights – front light and rear reflector is law in NZ for bikes on the road 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after sunrise.  Lights on flash mode for visibility are a great idea, especially on any roads where cars are not expecting to see a bike or are travelling at high speeds. Bike Light Buying Guide

Bell – can you be heard as well as seen?  If you regularly ride through traffic or on shared pathways a bell is an important accessory.  Bike Bell Buying Guide


Tool Kit – the essentials are a spare tube and/or a patch kit, tire levers, hand pump, and Allen key ideally all bundled up in a saddle bag – Essential Tool Kit

Road riding tends to involve carrying minimal gear so a full first aid kit might not work for you.  You could tuck a few things in your back pocket though – steary strip/plasterers, aspirin…  See Bike First Aid Supplies Buying Guide


Personal ID/Money – You should carry your ID, money and emergency contact details in a ziplock bag. Always tell someone where you are going and when you should be back.  Make it social, you will always be safer riding in a group.

Registration/Photo – We recommend that you have a photo of your bike and its registration number incase of theft. This gives you peace of mind when dealing with the police or your insurance company

A bike lock – will you be stopping and leaving your bike at any point?  Carrying a small lightweight, retractable bike lock could be an option – there are a few on the market that also include lights and are designed to clip to your back pocket.


We recommend 2 x 750ml bottles for any rides over an hour.  You will need two water bottle cages to do this or you could try a camel pack for any long rides.

Food is personal, munch on bananas, protein bars, scroggin, chocolate.  Consider how you will carry your food.  Is it an option to add a muesli bar to your tool kit?


Wear clothes that match the environment/temperature you are riding in.

Consider sunscreen and sunglasses for hot weather.

Consider thermal layers, lightweight rain jacket, gloves, head/neck warmers for colder days.  Keeping your extremities warm can be challenging so choose good options for socks, gloves & your head/ears.

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