Will a Trailing 1/2 Bike – Rocket Tag-A-Long – be a solution for you and your family?

A trailing 1/2 bike has success because it is compatible with most standard adult bikes including E-Bikes. It is easy to attach and detach and will allow your family to go on adventures that your child would not be able to manage on their own bike – distance, hills, traffic.

Trailing 1/2 bikes are great for most environments but your child is not harnessed onto their seat so they need to have good basic bike balance skills.

See How to Assemble & Use a Trailing 1/2 Bike for more information.


The Rocket Tag-A-Long is a 1/2 bike that is towed by an adult bike rider.  It is compatible for use with…

A lead bike – adult bike – 26 to 29 inch wheels

Child age range – 5 to 9 years up to 34kg

The Arm is attached to a coupler on the ADULT BIKE at

the seat post requiring a diameter of 25.4 to 31.8mm

not compatible with carbon seat posts

Coupler attached to adult seat post.  Trailing 1/2 Bike.goRide

Coupler is placed on adult bike at seat post

Trailing 1/2 bike attached to 29inch wheel adult bike. goRide

Rocket Tag-A-Long attached to 29 inch adult bike

Seat Post – ADULT BIKE

The Rocket Tag-A-Long comes with rubber strips to be placed around your seat post to protect the post and provide a non slip gripping surface.   You will need 5cm of exposed seat post ideally close to the frame of your bike and a clear path for the bar to be positioned.

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The advantages of the Tag-A-Long trailing 1/2 bike…

It is a budget friendly towing option to help your 5 to 9 yr old child through

  • busy traffic
  • over hills
  • across distance
  • multiple days

Great for most families who enjoy riding on a regular basis and do not need the child to be on their own bike.  The seat height and handlebar position is adjustable with height changes.

Trailing 1/2 bikes are great for family multi day riding

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