Will the Do Little Fit your Bike?

The Do Little is a Mid Mount Kids Bike Seat attaching to your top tube and is available in two sizes, the Original or the Biggie. Suitable for most bikes so there should be a solution for you.

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Welcome. Mid Mount Seats suit well balanced kids and adults who enjoy a sense of adventure on a standard or E-Bike, including carbon frames.  These seats are unharnessed and are designed to take a child’s weight up to max 30kg, approximately 1.4m tall.

Where does it attach?  

Mid Mount Seats attach to Top Tube of the Bike using one of the two supplied Mounting Brackets. This enables you to successfully attach it to different styles of bikes. It comes with a;

Standard Mounting Bracket

Retro Mounting Bracket – sloping top tube

The mounting bracket is placed on the top tube of your bike.  Which bracket you use will dependent on the slope of your top tube.  See more information at How to Attach a Do Little.

To help secure the seat to your bike frame the Do Little is bolted around your bottom tube using two large bolts. One bolt above the bottom tube, the other below the bottom tube.

NOTE: The DoLittle does require a bike frame to have both a top-tube and a down-tube for correct fitting.  So some step through frame designs with only one tube will be incompatible.


tow rope

Do Little attached using the Standard Mounting Bracket.

Sloping Top Tube, Do Little attached using the Retro Mounting Bracket.

Will it fit your bike?

There are two measurements that you can take to determine fit.

Space on the Top Tube: The length of the little kids seat on the Do Little is 23cm.  This seat needs to be positioned 18-22 cm back from the front of the top tube (from your handlebars). Do you have space?

If you have an XS or S mountain bike frame you will probably struggle to ride with a child in this mid mount position due to lack of space between your chest and the handlebars.

Width of Your Bike Tubes:

The Original fits top tubes widths up to 50mm (2inches).  Down tube up to 80mm (3.15inches) wide.

The Biggie fits E-Bikes and other wide tubes – some mountain bikes.  Top tube widths up to 70mm (2.75inches).  Down tube between 60-110mm (4inches) wide.

Measure the width of your top tube & down tube.  Is the Do Little Original or the Do Little Biggie the correct seat for your bike?

Measuring width of your top tube. 

Measuring width of your bottom tube.

Can you ride safely with your Do Little?

Space to reach around and see over your child. The height and size of your child as well the height and size of you will determine whether you can comfortably ride with your child.

Quick Test. A quick test to see whether you have enough space is to place your child on your top tube, without any seat – you may need some help from a friend. Pop your child in the approximate position – can you see over your child and reach the handlebars comfortably?

Things to watch out for  

The Do Little Kids Bike Seat is compatible with most bike types. It can struggle with attaching around the bottom tube on extra small & small mountain bike frames (the angles of the frames on these small bikes put the tubes too close together so the Do Little can not be secured above and below the down tube).  Though as mentioned above it is unlikely you will have enough space for a Do Little with this sized Mountain Bike Frame. 

The opposite problem occurs for XL frames of most bikes (the tubes are too far apart and the Do Little can not be secured below the down tube).  See How to Attach the Do Little for more information. If you have an XL Mountain Bike you can consider using the Mid Mount Shotgun Seat, which is fully adjustable to different frames sizes.

We’re here to help.  If you need further assistance… you can use our Kids Bike Seat Solution Finder or contact us on 021 025 15576 or 0800 44 33 77 or CONTACT us via email

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