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Will the Do Little Fit on Your Bike?

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Will this mid mounted bike seat – The Do Little – be the right solution for you and your family?

The Do Little Kids Bike Seat is compatible with most bike types.  However, it is rigid and can not be adjusted to fit ‘unusual’ bike shapes or widths. For example, it can not be attached onto wide, flat mountain bike top tubes (if the top tube is greater than 49mm).

It also struggles with extra small & small mountain bike frames (the angles of the frames on these small bikes but the tubes too close together so the Do Little can not be secured above and below the down tube).  The opposite problem occurs for XL frames of most bikes (the tubes are too far apart and the Do Little can not be secured below the down tube).  See How to attach the Do Little for more information.

You need space on your top tube to attach the Do Little…

The doLittle seat should be attached around 18-22cm back from your handlebars on the top tube of your bike frame.

A quick test to see whether you have enough space is to place your child on your top tube, without any seat – you may need some help from a friend.  Pop your child in the approximate position then reach for your handlebars…how did you go?

Did you have enough space along the top tube? The height of your child will determine if you have enough space under your chin to reach the handlebars and how long before you run out of this space.  That is how quickly is your child growing?

Not sure if this is the right solution for your family see our ‘On the Bike’ Buying Guide to understand your options.

Do little goRide 18-20cm back top tube
doLittle mid mount kids bike seat. goRide

Which fitting do you need to use on your bike?

The Do Little can fit on just about any bike. You just need to work out which fitting you require.  Both fittings are sold with the Do Little.

The Do Little will attach to your bike using one of the two fittings

  1. Standard Fitting
  2. Retro Fitting – for sloping top tubes – see photo

The fitting you require is dependent on the slope of your top tube.

Horizontal & slight sloping top tubes will use the standard fitting – SUPPLIED with the Do Little

DoLittle top tube mounted child bike seat

Do Little attached using the Standard fitting on a slightly sloping frame

No top tube or a double down frame (top tube follows same extreme slope as down tube) will need the retro fitting – SUPPLIED with the Do Little

Do Little Retro Rider Fitting attached to a double down bike frame. goRide

Do Little attached using the Retro fitting on a double down frame.

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Older child on doLittle child seat. goRide
doLittle mid mount kids bike seat. goRide
doLittle mid mount, child with father, goRide
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