Will this mid mounted bike seat – The Shotgun – be a solution for you and your family?

The NZ designed mid mount bike seat, the Shotgun, has success because it is compatible with all mountain bikes. It is easy to attach and remove from your mountain bike (you do not need the seat or any attachments permanently attached to your bike).

See How to attach the Shotgun for more information.

You need space on your top tube to attach the Shotgun…

The Shotgun should be placed between 200 to 300mm back from your handlebars on the top tube of your bike frame.

A quick test to see whether you have enough space is to place your child on your top tube, without any seat – you may need some help from a friend.  Pop your child in the approximate position then reach for your handlebars…how did you go?

Did you have enough space along the top tube. The height of your child will determine if you have enough space under your chin to reach the handlebars and how long before you run out of this space.  That is, how quickly is your child growing?

Not sure if this is the right solution for your family see our ‘On the Bike’ Buying Guide to understand your options.

Shotgun kids mountain bike seat. goRide
Shotgun on trail.  The best kids bike seats for Mountain Biking. goRide

Image courtesy of Shotgun NZ Ltd.

The advantages of the shotgun …

It is fully adjustable to fit mountain bikes with

  • Top tubes 35 – 68mm
  • Down tubes 35 – 100mm

Shotgun believe that their seat will fit on all mountain bike designs including carbon frames.

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Shotgun on trail.  The best kids bike seats for Mountain Biking. goRide
Shotgun kids mountain bike seat & 2yr old. goRide
women riding with shotgun seat