Will this reclined trailer bike,  The WeeHoo Turbo, 

be the right solution for you and your family?

The WeeHoo trailer bike is a very versatile design and is compatible with most bike types.

  • Adult seat-post must be round shape (non-aero)
  • Adult seat-post must be high quality steel or aluminium (not compatible with carbon)
  • Compatible with adult wheel sizes 26″, 27″, 29″, 650c or 700c
  • Compatible with all adult size frames
  • Passenger & cargo weight not to exceed 36kgs

You need space on your seat post to attach the WeeHoo…

The WeeHoo should be attached at the very base of your seat post where it inserts into your seat post tube.

You will need a round seat post with 50mm of clear space for attachment.

Your seat post can be any of the following diameters; 25.4mm, 26.8mm, 27.2mm, 28.6mm, 30.8mm, 31.6mm.  The diameter of your seat post is sometimes written on your seat post.  This range covers most sizes of seat post.


Not sure if this is the right solution for your family see our really popular story Bike seats for Kids – What are my options? to understand all the available choices.

WeeHoo Hitch system. Trailer Bike. goRide

The WeeHoo hitch system of attachment should be positioned where your seat post enters your frame

Weedoo attached to seatpost of bike

WeeHoo attached to a X-Small full suspension mountain bike

Cautions & warnings of use…

The WeeHoo must be installed onto round strong alloy or steel seat posts

The hitch should be installed at the bottom of the seat post

Do not over tighten quick releases or hardware

Ensure that parts on your bicycle, such as the quick release or fenders, do not interfere with the rotation of the WeeHoo around the seat post

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WeeHoo Turbo with weather cover sun shade. goRide
WeeHoo attached to seatpost side view. goRide
WeeHoo Turbo. Morning commute. goRide